5th Gear MP4 vs 458

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  6. You got it so WRONG! tip: Read, understand, make an opinion relevant to the context. THEN post.

    Let me explain so even you will...might understand: The two drinx are bo NO means equal. The are very different but they are also used for different purposes. They are both best at what they are meant to be used for thus not compareable. Just like a 458 and a Dino which was the topic discussed between me and TSCM
  7. A cold energy drink isn't even close to the best stimulant, that's the purpose of it, isn't it?
  8. I have to say:

    1)The Ferrari has won EVERY single comparisson test made so far - also it is still the preferred car in Top Gear laptimes apart.

    2) The 458 has been faster in all other test made by EVO, CAR, Autocar, Autoexpres ...an thos test were made on 3 different tracks.

    3) NOW - and this is where McLaren is really loosing it, the MP4 is suddenly faster than all the insane "hypercars" like the Veyron Supersport, Zonda R, Gumpert Apollo, etc ... That is a joke. Who claimed Ferrari are doing tricks to thier presscars? - Clarkson even said it in the video.
  9. The Zonda R's lap time is 1:08.5 buddy.
  10. Zonda F - but I am sure that even you get the point
  11. The Zonda F is 6 years old, with a conventional manual transmission and conventional fixed dampers. Not really surprising to me that the MP4-12C is faster with it's 7 speed dual-clutch and unique hydraulic suspension and traction control setup.
  12. Oh god...let the F rest in peace them.... The MP3 was - on this specific ocation - faster than a Veyron SuperSport, Gumpert Apollo Sport and a Caterham R500 + Clarkson were wondering what the McLaren mechanics were doing to the car all day.
    Of course McLaren are fed having their ass kicked so severely by Ferrari again and again but it's stupid of them making the modifications to the press car SO obvious...And Ferrari are cheating with their press cars!!!?? Ha ha ha...At least that discussion is over now ...
  13. it was over on the first page when I clearly stated it happened.
  14. Both cars are awesome.
  15. its MP4 not MP3, can you get anything right????
  16. I wasn't the one who brought up the Zonda F or any of this laptime shit for that matter.

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