6.1-litre Hemi for Jeep Grand Cherokee

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  1. Jeep is launching a hotrod version of its Grand Cherokee 4x4, fitted with an enlarged version of the classic Hemi engine.

    With a 6.1-litre V8 producing 420bhp and 420lb ft, the new Grand Cherokee SRT-8 is the quickest, most powerful Jeep ever made. It is 25 per cent more powerful than the standard Grand Cherokee 5.7 V8, can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 5.0 seconds, and tops out at 152mph.

    The SRT-8 looks the part, with a new front designed to reduce lift, air ducts to help cool the front brakes, sill extensions, two big-bore exhaust pipes and 20-inch five-spoke alloys.

    The chassis has also been modified, with tuned Bilstein dampers, specially tuned spring rates and suspension bushings and larger-diameter anti-roll bars, together with a 25mm lower ride height and a re-tuned ESP system. There are also special Brembo brakes.

    The car’s four-wheel-drive system has been modified to cope with the extra power, but this is one Jeep that is not designed to go off-road. Peter Lambert, managing director of Chrysler UK’s managing director, claimed that, "It has the raw power to out-perform a Porsche Cayenne Turbo at a fraction of the price."

    While it might have the straight-line pace, we’d be surprised if the Jeep can match the Porsche’s extrordinary agility, but it does have one big advantage: price. The Grand Cherokee SRT-8 starts at just £40,585, a cool £30,000 less than the Cayenne Turbo.

    The SRT-8 will be available in right-hand drive in limited numbers from July. (Autocar)
  2. the problem with these cars is that the srt versions are usually twise the prize of the base. Witch usually results in putting the car into a prise range where bying a jeep or dodge almost seems silly.
  3. isnt this a good 4 months late?
  4. not for the right hand drive version
  5. ok so this is for the overseas version???? i thought it was just a write up from them about ours...

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