6 Cylinder Producing 350HP

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    XKR a supercar,lol. The only real supercar they have is the xj220.
    It's a six cillinder with more then 350hp yes, but it has 2 turbo's so that's not that very good. Look at the mclarenf1, it has a BMW engine with 627hp without a single turbo or supercharger out a 6,0.
    Jaguar can't make such an engine not without turbo's...
    Jags are no real drivers cars.
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    the xkr is a super car.
    xkr-r, xkr-trans am, arden xkr, arden xkr lightweight rs are all true supercars..
    bmw can't produce 627 hp out of their own engines either, if it's not an F1 car.
    what you're forgetting is that the Xj220 has a 3.5L 6 cylinder engine that has over 500 hp, i dont see no production BMW 6 cylinder going past 500hp.
    you are also forgetting about the XkR-R, xk-180
    you want the v12 to match the Mclaren from Jaguar
    i'll take it on with the Jaguar XJR-12.
    even the XJR-9 LM, xjr-11, xjr-16,
    take your pick... and yes no supercharged.
    Jaguar used to supply a Rally V12 engine in the 80s with over 700hp.
    then they came out with a Rally V6 with over 500hp with no superchargers. It was later banned from racing,
    i'll have my 730hp, 610 ft lbs of torque
    against the McLaren 680 hp anyday.

    and to close,
    "For the first time, the German domination of compact prestige sedan segment (say, 3-series etc.) is going to end. Who can do that? not Rover, not Volvo, not Alfa, it is Jaguar. The car that will do that is called X-Type, a typical Jaguar name.
    X-Type has many inherent advantages over its German rivals. First of all, the British premium marque always has stronger image than BMW, Audi and - may I say - Mercedes-Benz. You need not to recall the glorious history of SS, XK120, C to E-Type, MkII ... just look at the XJ sedan and you’ll feel the sense of occasion the big cat delivers."
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    I'd rather go for the M3.
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    1962 Jaguar XKE OST with a 4.2L In-Line 6 produced 375HP.
    Jaguar XJR-12. with a 6.0 V12 produced way over 700HP without a turbo or supercharger.

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    So in other words, a 24 litre V97 weighing 10 kilos and making 3 horsepower is a good thing?

    I really hate it when the great uneducated spout out their incomprehensible dribble...

    Fact is, HP per litre is impressive, and relevant as it comes hand in hand with HP to weight.

    HP to price? Yeah, if you want a cheap car, a cheap car is what you'll have...
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    it;s actually displacement that matters more than cylinders but neway no matter, porsche gt3 R makes over 400hp from 6 cylinders( atmo too), tvr tuscan R makes over400 hp from 6 cylinders too and it's atmo too. but both have a bigger displacement than the CSL. 3.6 & 4L respectively
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    if they can crank out 360 HP out of this inline 6, imagine what it would do if it had a v-8 in it! the styling is also incredible. though it does look like the rest of them, the body kit looks great.
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    Ok, JaguarX you proved your point...but, imagine if BMW decides to put a twinturbo in their 6 inline M3 engine? I would bet u that would give it more than 500hp.
    And u said that the 1962 Jaguar XKE OST, produces 375HP, thats impressive....but, still it's a little more than the 360's m3 and with a lot more displacement (3.2L M3 and 4.2L Jaguar) 1L of displacement can do a lot of diference. So I think BMW, and Jaguar are two marvelous companies that do such great engines...but in my opinion, I'll stick with BMW...

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    Might I point all of you who doubt the 6 cylinder and smaller engines to look at the LeBlanc Caroline.
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    ok, not exxxactly related in anyway, but is it true that most german cars, including the m3, ar limited to under 130mph (roughly), because of the way that people disagree with the german autobahn?? 'cos ive heard of them being de-restricted etcc etc..
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    Wow! That LeBlanc is really quite a supercar. Does anyone know a bit more about it? I think you will have a hard time beating that power to weight ratio. 0-60 in under 3 seconds - what a pleasure!
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    i like the car & it has a really awesome motor, but 350 hp from a v6 isnt whats impressive; its the fact that that 350 hp is coming from a 198-cube v6
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    The M3 CSL has an inline six as opposed to a v6 - BMW does not produce a v6 at present.
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    i think its impressive by how clean it LOOKS!
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    honda's F20C1 produces 120bhp per liter stock, N/A thats out of a 2.0 liter engin. this car is VERY nice, with 3.2liters producing 350, not bad.
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    JaguarX wrote: "many Jaguars are for people that want a more reliable car...
    because we all know BMWs are not."

    I assume this is a joke?! Jaguars aren't reliable at all! At least that is how people in Europe in general look to jaguar.
  17. they also break down a lot

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