63 Corvette Boat

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  1. "This speed boat concept, based on the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette, was created by Swedish designer Bo Zolland. Though it’s way cooler than this, probably it would be very hard for this concept to ever go into mass production, however, in case someone is interested in it, the Swedish company Stand-Craft could create one-off production boats based on these renderings. Zolland even suggests that GM could show a boat like this at SEMA with a cool GM truck towing.

    He also suggests that the boat could be powered by one of these engines: 496 or 502 mercruiser, LS-9 marine or Volvo Penta Diesel up to 550 hp. Pretty neat design, huh?"
  2. love the way it looks.
  3. wow that's actually amazing
  4. most people like the open air while in the boat. I love the design though
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  8. Hi Harka!
  9. That is freakin' sweet.
  10. Thats badass looking. Wonder if you can remove the doors for more of an open air feel
  11. This is almost a year old. But still nice here are some more pics
  12. and some more
  13. I like it, definitely didn't expect it to look that good.
  14. If the t-tops came out that would actually be pretty badass.
  16. absolutely gorgeous. That has to be one of the best looking boats ive ever seen.
  17. That is a sexy lookin boat

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