65 chevy nova ss rebuild

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    finally. 65 nova ss were rebuilding. first the tires go underneath and the guy is going to measure the rear. then we are pulling the whole front clip to replace it with a heidts super-rideII.

    dropped the rear. he had a 4.11 eaton posi unit back there. the leaf mounts had been moved in and he welded on several pieces to brace it. which we had to cut out to get the 4link to fit over the framerail. its also already tubbed but we are going to have to redo it
    wheels n tires that they screwed up. just looked at em last night and the mounted one of the 235 front tires on the 15x8 rear wheel and scratched the other rear mounting the tire.<BR
    we got the front and rear tied together and mocked up the front suspension before we took it all apart again to send to powdercoat. the kit was very complete and it only took us about 4 hours to take the front end apart. pulled the fenders off, pulled the front bumper off, headlights came out, radiator support. only took about an hour to mock the front back up with the subframe shocks and discs/calipers. for a kit this complete we were suprised that the holes had not been drilled for the sway bar yet. unless most people dont use it and they just like to leave options open. we also set up the 4link, the guy is coming out to measure for the 9" today. the brake lines and rear brakes get here today or tomorrow also.
    front left without brakes.
    front left with brakes
    4link side
    kit comes with ford rotors and chevy calipers for some odd reason.
    from the back side of the front suspension
    ill try to keep you guys updated as we work on it.

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