650 HP F40?

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  1. I read that when you bought this car new, there was like a $30,000 option by ferrari that would upgrade the turbos and engine internals and put more than 600 HP, somewhere around 650 HP. I'm not sure if this is true though, anyone know?
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    sounds fake but u never know
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    .....AND FASTER.......
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    There are many F40 in Italy, tuned by Michelotto, with 600 Hp and over...

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    F40 has 478hp, but you can upgrade the engine from 520hp to over 750hp:
    in the 1st stage with only the sport exaust system and the chiptuning you can arrive to 520-530hp, but in 2nd stage you change the turbocharger you can arrive at over 550hp...
    If you change the two intercooler with two other bigger and with a turbo pressure of 1.6-1.8 bar you arrive at over 600hp, 620-630hp in 3rd stage!!!
    If you change other parts of engine, you can arrive at over 720-750hp with a pressure of 2.2-2.4 bar, this is the power of engine of F40 Le Mans!
    With app 35.000 DM a German tuner can upgrade your F40 with 620-625Hp, and you are faster of Mclaren F1 and Enzo!
    F40 with 620hp and 650Nm is very fast, because is very light! F40 weigh app 1250kgs on road (with oil, water, fuel) Mclaren app 1265kgs, the Enzo app 1365kgm! and F40 has the "turbo action", is faster to download the power than F1 and Enzo.
    In the Italian test a standard 478hp F40 did 0-62mph in 4.56s, 0-124mph in 11.30s and the standing Km in 20.9s at 164mph, so very fast in the 62-124mph time passage (6.74s) and very fast in the standing km.
    You can immagine how f40 is fast with 140hp more!
    Mclaren has the 62-124mph passage in 6.1s, Enzo with F1 gearbox can 5.9s, but if a 478hp f40 can did 62-124mph in 6.7 sec with 140hp more can did sure this passage in less time than F1 and Enzo!
    F40 has sure a faster time passage from 62mph to 186mph than F1 and Enzo because f40 has the best torque-curve in compare to weight!!!
    Also the standard F40, if you consider only 478hp and 577Nm, has a very good power-weight ratio, 6.7sec in the 62-124mph time is impossible to other supercars....

    Bugatti EB110GT: 7.9s
    Diablo GT: 7.6s
    Diablo SE Jota: 8.1s
    Murcièlago: 7.9s
    F50: 7.5s
    XJ220: 7.9s
    Zonda S7.3: 7.4s
    Saleen S7: 7.1s
    996GT2: 8.7s
    and so on...

    and F40 is faster than a big part of tuned Porsche and tuned Ferrari.

    Only F1, 911GT1,CLKGTR and Enzo did better then standard F40:
    911gt1: 6.6s
    F1: 6.1s
    CLKgtr: 6.1s
    Enzo: 5.9s

    But F40 has "only" 478HP!!!!!

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    F40 kicks ass!
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    a few of my dads friends work at autogallery exotic dealer n they had one in in black it had about 650 hp it came standard tho i dont think they had the upgrad avaible i think it was just a special edition
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    The F40 LM (of which 17 were made) had 720 hp. Ferrari made 2 extra "Evoluzione" versions that were upgraded to 780 hp. Supposedly the 780 hp version can outrun an Enzo, an F50 GT, and a McLaren F1. My future car...
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    now thats a car that the f50gt might hav to look out for...
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    now what you are saying about the F40 upgraded smoking the enzo, wouldnt this apply to the GTO Evoluzione too, which is 650hp and over 200kg less in weight? Does that make it the most 'super' supercar?
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    a 650-700 bhp f40 wud probably outgun any modern-day supercar
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    Well said. Just think of the power to weight ratio of the 288 GTO Evoluzione - 650 bhp and 940 kg. Plus, it was strictly a racing vehicle, it was making absolutely no compromises, the only purpose was to go fast, it was never meant to be driven daily on public roads.

    It's hard to make comparisons when almost 20 years separate the cars. But I think if we had a 288 GTO Evo vs. Enzo race, it would be close. And of course, we have to admit that despite its age, the 288 GTO Ev. would smoke many of today's supercars.
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    dude all those upgrades r wicked
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    i agree. with turbo engines there is (almost) no limit in tuning. for example check all those 9sec Supras or 1999 Nissan Blitz Skyline GT-R R348.

    btw the quote should be modifiable :p
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    F40 are fast as they are i duno why u would need 700hp these things fly i have been in one.
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    "F40 with 620hp and 650Nm is very fast, because is very light! F40 weigh app 1250kgs on road (with oil, water, fuel) Mclaren app 1265kgs, the Enzo app 1365kgm! and F40 has the "turbo action", is faster to download the power than F1 and Enzo."

    Mclaren F1 is 1265 kg? According to the data i've seen various places, including this site, it's 1140 kg. And shouldn't that make the Mclaren faster than the F40? Standard Mclaren F1: Power: 627.1 bhp, Torque: 649.4 nm.
    And what the heck are you talking about "the turbo action is faster to "download" the power than the F1 and Enzo". A car with a turbocharger-system will have turbo-lag, and will thus be slower to receive full power upon full throttle depression. Unless the F40 has a turbo anti-lag system, which works by allowing fuel and air into the engine, when the throttle is not depressed. This is commonly used in rally cars. The turbo works a lot harder in cars using anti-lag and the temperatures are a lot higher as the turbo is spinning constantly at high rpm. This requires additional maintenance on the turbo making it uneconomical for anything other than competitive events. Therefore i find it highly unlikely that the F40 has something like that. Even if it does, why would it be faster to get full power than a naturally aspirated engine like the Mclaren F1 has?

    Furthermore i'd like to ask what is so fantastic about tuning this car, i'm sure that a Mclaren F1, F50, Enzo or a Zonda would be just as good to tune. What do you think a twin turbo Mclaren F1's max power output would be? How about the Koenig F50? From standard 513 bhp to 828 bhp, using twin turbos!
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    Well, I don't think the option exists. However, I do know for fact that Ferrari used a racing version of this car in the LaMans (who saw that coming?) which had just a bit more that 700 bhp. Pretty impressive, but pretty typical for a racing auto.
  19. I think its fake, but there is a ferrari F40 LM with 700 and something hp!
  20. its not fake. Ferrari offered it to customers who wanted to take their f40 racing.
  21. LOL! I'm reading this thread after long time. I think you are confusing some points. The F1 is 1140 kg at dry weight, nothing to compare with 1250 kg tested by the F40 on road. Experts were always said that both cars had similar weights.
    Concerning the second point, I think you are not getting the point again. I was not talking about turbo-lag, but simply the way it comes on and what happened later. Remember that small engines has also lower internal resistance, and this things in combination with a wider band of torque, remember that turbo engines has usually much more constant availability of torque, the F40 was competitive with the Enzo on a wide speed range. I've verified it also with Vbox form 60 to 150 mph.
    Are you so sure that the F40 had really just 425 lb-ft of torque and 478 bhp? Look at the Harris on cars video.. well, it's known that this Ferrari was underestimate about engine power.

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