650S vs 458 Speciale vs LP610 vs SLS Black Series

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  1. Mclaren 650S - 3.8L TwinTurbo V8, 650hp 500lb-ft. 0-60=2.9sec. Top Speed = 207mph, Weight=3148lbs. Price=$265,500

    Ferrari 458 Speciale – 4.5L V8, 600hp 398lb-ft. 0-60=3.0sec. Top Speed= >202mph, Weight=3075lbs. Price=$298,000

    Lamborghini LP610 Huracan – 5.2L V10, 610hp 413lb-ft. 0-60=3.2sec. Top Speed= >202mph, Weight=3377lbs. Price=$250,713

    Mercedes SLS Black Series – 6.2L V8, 622hp 468lb-ft, 0-60=3.6sec. Top Speed=196mph, Weight=3417lbs. Price=$275,925

    Which one would you pick and why?
  2. Lambo

    Lambo because of sound and looks and being fast as #$%#. Ferrari second because of sound and hardcoreness (is that a word?), also very fast. Mclaren might be faster but doesn't look or sound as good. The Merc just doesn't appeal to me.
  3. Fezza then mclaren
  4. How on earth does the aluminium Ferrari weigh less than the carbon fibre mclaren? When I drove one, I was surprised that is didn't feel super light, but that could have been the effect of downforce at speed (12C not 650S).
  5. sls

    they're all plentyfast, so I go for the presence thing
    without rear spoiler pls
  6. lambo > 458 > sls > 650s(although its the fastest it does absolutely nothing for me)
  7. Ferrari
    I'm equally indifferent to the Merc and the Mclaren, albeit for different reasons.
  8. Lambo
    McLaren, so boring looking
  9. Mclaren #$%#ed up with the 650s. When the 12c came out it was so blindingly fast that its boring looks could be forgiven. Mclaren knowing full well the 12c was boring went out and made more a moring looking car.
  10. Merc
  11. I think they #$%#ed up both. They thought they didn't need to worry about the "theatrical" aspects of supercar design and built a numbers car. Unfortunately, the market is getting over numbers cars and is focusing on style, panache, and "fun". Ferrari and Lamborghini have those, but Mclaren is left with an anodyne lab experiment. That might work on the limited numbers level of the P1, but in the less rarefied air of the entry-level supercars it's not quite enough.

    I'm also slightly confused by the stance Mclaren took on the P1. They keep saying it's not a track monster (sounds like a cop-out for a less-than-superlative Nring time), but is meant to be the ultimate road car, but other than the supple suspension, it seems to me like the Porsche 918 is the better car for actual road use. Do you really want a 900+hp RWD car on most roads? The interior seems pretty spartan for something to enjoy for prolonged periods on a roadtrip as well.
  12. Torn between the 650S and Huracan. Prolly the 650S though.

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