6900 lbs!!!!

Discussion in '1982 Ford Mustang GT' started by carkid9, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. im convinced theguy who puts this sitre together is a chevy greaser all teh stats on the chevys are better than any car in its class for instance the z06's 0-60 time of 3.9 second is pretty steep
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    I'm not too sure about that stat. I think this ugly Mustang should weigh over 3000 lbs.
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    For a "car" site, this site is pretty rediculous. The "Premium" pay account pictures you can find yourself on Google in a good 30 seconds, and at least 45% of the stats are incorrect. Some are so off they look made up.
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    My dad had the exact same car. He said it had way more than 157 HP and it was way faster than 118 MPH. This site is way off with the specs on cars.
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    I thought this car weighed upwards to 4,000 lbs. or just a smidge under... does anyone know the exact weight?
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    From the factory, this car weighs about 3000-3200lbs.

    The person that entered the stats for the site entered 3130kg when it should have been 3130lbs.

    With some minor weight reduction (removal of smog equipment, upgrage to aluminum heads and intake, removal of the back seat and spare tire) my 82gt is just over 2800lbs with a full tank of gas.
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    what are your 82Gt's stats?
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    Intake, exhaust, Holley carb, heads, 306 shortblock, t-5 trans, 3.73 gears, 8.8 rear.

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