6x6 That is nuts

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    interesting...and I thought the 6-wheel concept was done by the time the 6-wheel Tyrrell F1 racecar came about...now that GMC has their new Quadrasteer Sierras, could Dodge produce this to make the wheels (or one pair) in the back turn with the front wheels? would be interesting.
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    OK, All you people are gay who disrespect one of the best pickups ever made. A T-Rex will beat the shit out of any other truck out there. Dodge is the Mayor of Truckville and will never be voted out. Chevy can lick my balls and Ford can lick chevy's balls. Nuff said
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    I couldent have said it any better.
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    This has got to be about the coolest thing I've ever seen. 6X6, imagine the traction in a mud drag!

    16.1 1/4 mi
    7.7 0-60
    .74g lat.
    And it will pull you're house down!

    My opinion of this beast can be summed up in one word: SWEET!
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    Ya this is cool but i like my 6x6 Jeep better.
  6. Help an Aussie

    Gday all, Can someone tell me who makes the better truck and why?? GMC vs Chevrolet vs Dodge vs Ford.
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    Ford all the way baby. Get a 2003 6.0L F-250 Extended Cab Shortbox. Thee best truck right there. Best in class engine and a kicka$$ ride too.
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    I agree, this design is genious and has the power to do anyting on a farm.
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    what was the point of them making this truck?
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    Same concept as sticking more axels on semis: to spread the weight out more. When trucks are weighed, it goes by axel and not tires. It would also help out on Off-Roading and the lot because of beter traction.
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    6x6 is pretty cool it has a good idea going x-tra traction more power and man it would look sweet with a lift kit chrome grille guards and huge tires
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    This truck does kick butt. It could do about anything you wanted it to do. I agree that it would look a whole lot better if it was lifted even higher and chromed up.
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    u think tha ford will make it , well mayb make it past a chevy or GMC, certainly not a dodge , u take tha 2003 dodge ram 3500 quad cad short bed, 2wd, 5.9L I-6 cummins diesal H.O. and u get 555lb-ft or torque well i do admit tha it dosent hav the highest torque rating but is close , juz off by 5lbs, and if u look at tha ratings for GCWR tha dodge gets 23,000lbs and non H.O. version w/ 21,000lbs( and w/ only 460 torque!bets ford still!!) vs. 20,000lbs for tha ford supa duty and yes its with tha new powerstroke 6.0L V8 w/ 560 torque vs. tha chev/GMC silv./sierra HD w/ 22,000lbs and 520 torque. and one thing 2 top it off with is tha dodge engine is smaller and has 2 less cylinders than both. id hav 2 say dodge is betta, but chevy/GMC/ and ford are still good models
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    The 5.9 I-6 is made by a Ford Owned company if I am not mistaken and is not legal in all fifty states. The 7.3L are still available and the 6.0L is also mated to the Torque Shift Automatic.
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    umm as far as im aware of, cummins is a global company tha sells engine with other companies forming partnerships like with dodge and ford
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    yes but Ford still owns it. Dodge is duing the same thing as Ford is doing with international. International designs the PowerStroke engines for Ford and Ford uses them.
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    yea and u wanna kno tha quility of those powerstrokes, tha these two guys wher i live hav tha powerstorke and it sucks, they cant even get it 2 work, their mak'n ford engineers come and fix tha problems with tha engine, i hered so many things go wrong wid them
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    those two guys must be an exception because powerstrokes are very good engines.
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    i've read in magazines that tha power stroke sucks, its an undurabal engine tha breaks down and wont start again, when i find tha magazine i read it in i'll tell ya tha name,issues, page and wha it said!
    and daimlerchrysler is tha leading truck seller, prolly b/c the own tha besty trucks out there "Freightliner"-best damn trucks on tha road, and dodge isnt a bow tie(or rock), blue oval or sushi. its a RAM
    built ram tough, and ford stoll tha say'n from dodge
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    too bad your not and u only have 30 posts u stupid F***
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    Its the ultimate mudder! to bad this thing would probably sink.. would still be fun though
  23. im not sure but dont 4x4s guzzle alot of gas? a 6x6 would just shove the whole tank down
  24. lol i agree

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