7:47 Nurburgring - Toyota electric car

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    the sound is way too weird
  2. thats awesome
    love the lack of engine sound
  3. So it's like a Radical with an electric engine
  4. When fast it sounds like an attacking Stuka!
  5. Look at those headrests
  6. Reasonable, before current economic panic Toyota could have made a radical kind of sled for its drivetrain in a week. A bit of a salute to Radical this.
  7. Lol, I only saw the vid and didn't do any googling.

    Kinda lame to just pick the fastest car around the Nring and then putting your engine in it. That's actually a pretty shitty time for a Radical.
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    yeah I was pretty convinced it was a Radical when I saw it. this car suffers from a lack of gears, it takes too long to get up to speed.

    that's how it's done
  9. yeah but a pretty excellent time for an electric car

    stop your whining everybody
  10. I kind of like the sound.
  11. If the battery was almost flat after this´╗┐ lap?
    SOPM2007 2 hours ago


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