70 Dodge Challenger vs 70 Plymouth Cuda

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    my stats are from my 1970 motor trend magazine.
    the cars were tested with the dana 60 sure grip 4.10 axle ratio and not with the 3.55.



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    these 2 cars are like twins seperated at birth, how do you compare them?
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    how can i compare them? answer is the simple, use the same engine a 426hemi challenger versus a 426 hemi cuda with the same axle ratio and the same transmission, the result will differ slightly.Same can be done with other engines that were available in those cars.



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    but the 2 are twins. there might be diffrences, but, strip off the bades, show both cars without the badges to a guy who barely knows cars, and he'll most likely tell you that there both challengers.
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    I WOULD love to have both. or even ANY, with the price that they go for, BUT..... IF i ever got a choice... i would go for the Cuda, i has a slightly better bodystyle, especially the AAR :-D
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    Challenger all the way!
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    for me it is not important if it is a chally or a cuda what does matters for me is that it is a mopar with a highly reliable and highly horsepowerful engine.
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    That's an easy choice...The '70 Challenger. Make that an R/T. No car can beat it. She's a brut beaut!!!!!

    BTW: The Challenger and Barracuda were sisters, but besides the front and rear differences, The challenger had a longer wheelbase, it was wider and I think it's a bit lower to..And it's got that famous "kickup" on the rear fender, below the quarterwindows.
    The Challenger was supposed to be a luxury sportscar, a hit against Mercury's Cougar.
    The Chally and The Cuda didn't share any sheet metal..only engine, suspension and some other mechanical parts..Thats all. Mail me if I've missed out on something.

    Sorry about my english, I'm from Norway...I'm not used to write english..

    MOPAR MUSCLE!!!!!!!
  9. plymouth cuda looks better
  10. Plymouth Cuda. But I still prefere the Dodge Charger.
  11. Hard choice, personally I'm a chevy guy.But if some one did give me a choice I'd take the 'cuda sll it off & get 69 chevy camaro ss396(375 hp version) in black.
  12. The Cuda and the Challenger are VERY similar cars in terms of their overall construction and design but the Challenger was more of a luxury car than the Cuda so it has all the frills and so i must say that i like the Cuda better, afterall who needs a radio when you've got a HEMI!!
  13. taht's a tough one but i would prefer a 70 T/A over an AAR because my dads friend has a forest green one and its a blast to drive around in. that makes me kind of bias though.
  14. The 'Cuda was faster because it was lighter. A Challenger had a slightly longer wheelbase and more options, making it heavier. That aside, I would rather the Challenger, I like the way it looks.
  15. I'd take the Charger R/T hands down. The Plymouth is...okay but it's too sluggish for me when compared with the Charger despite they hav the same amount of horsepower and very similar engines but it's the speed and acceleration that gets to me
  16. The cars are not the same.We have a 70 Cuda and a 70 Challenger RT. The Challenger has way more body lines.The fenders,doors,quarters,hoods,deck lids,frt. and rear valances,bumpers,tailights,grill,rocker moldings, etc. are different.They do share many other parts though.I like Cudas just a bit more myself,but not by much.

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