700hp Lotus Exige wrecked in Calfornia

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    It seems that the (self-proclaimed) Worlds Fastest Lotus Exige, also known as the Ronin Exige, was involved in an accident this week. The owner, Frank Profera took to YouTube to explain that the highly-tuned Lotus Exige hit the central reservation on California's Route 101.

    Naturally, amateur crash scene investigations carried out across several prominent internet communities have failed to verify the details above. We don't want to get involved in that though so we'll just tell you about the car instead!

    Obviously, it isn't the worlds fastest Lotus-chassis supercar. That honour undoubtedly goes to the Hennessey Venom GT. That doesn't detract from how special it is though. It features the original 1.8 liter Toyota engine rather than the V8 unit fitted to the Hennessey. Extensive tuning with many custom parts raised the horsepower figure close to 700.
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    That car is insane! Love it...

  3. the owner is a twat
  4. Dunno aboot that?
  5. shortly after it was crashed into he came onto the YT video posted above and ranted on and on and argued with people in the comments like a 13 year old keyboard warrior. pretty pathetic display for someone in his 60s.
  6. anyone who drives a car like that dangerously on a public road is a twat.
  8. Probably hit a wet patch
  9. Not a joke about incontinence in older men
  10. sounds like a real stupid car what are we, 12 years old playing gran turismo 3
  11. What an ass.
  12. Stupid car, stupid driver, what a friggin douchebag #$%#
  13. come back when you stop bleeding out of your vagina
  14. car is cool, owner is a douche
  15. this guy deserves a trolling
  16. Sorry, but it seems like your vagina is preparing to give birth. It's a complete POS and so is the owner.
  17. cool comeback bro

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