725bhp for $34k??????????????????????

Discussion in '2010 Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake' started by DannyGT2, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. There has to be a con in there somewhere! Maybe it has crap suspension like most Mustangs!
  2. who cares, you don't need good suspension for the strip!
  3. $34k sounds about right for a tuning package. Figure in the cost of the car ('10 GT500 starts at $47,175 according to the Ford site) and it ends up being around $81k, which, considering the power, is still a pretty good deal.
  4. The corvette zo6 is faster do to the better suspetion, even with only 505 horsepower. Not to mention you can get a used one for 44K vs the 88K for the super snake(for those of you who are bad at math thats half the price).Its better on the street, faster, faster on the track, and less expensive. All around it's better bang for your buck. The super snake still kicks ass though.
  5. Yet, though MM&FF had tested the '08 Shelby Super Snake (in there January 2008 issue), to astounding acclaim saying, you could drive to the strip and put down 10.9s-10.75sec. average E.Ts, then over the weekend drive to the race track and scare all the unsuspecting Porsche 911s with it!

    For f*cksake this is Carroll Shelby's modern version and MORE powerful form of his classic Mustangs. So, what makes you think this won't handle with its so called, "crap suspension", huh?!?

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