75th anniversary of the four rings

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  1. Rosemeyer would be very cool, but that wasnt my first choice
    my first choice was the TT clubsport, put a V10 in it to make it special
  2. Hitler denied financements to Auto Union
  3. But he celebrated the Auto Union speed records as a "Nazi conquer".
  4. of course, due to his propaganda.
    he celebrated as "Nazi conquer" also Germany's athletic victories
  5. Because the Germans are badass.
  6. +5
  7. *were badass.

    Today they're a bunch of politically correct and passionless ugly-people.
  8. *Sigh* It's more or less true. I wouldn't say they're all ugly, but they're definitely politically correct and passionless. Fortunately they still have their superior German intellect and engineering skills to fall back on.

    But I tell ya a good, charismatic, ego-maniacal dictator could put them back on the right track in no time! They'd love it to. Maybe they could start WWIII, because God knows the Germans love starting wars!!!
  9. Lets go after the jews again?
  10. Nah...something new.

  11. I'm turned-on by that idea.
  12. Seriously. They're the ones threatening European mastery of the world.
  13. PandaBeat, do you want to make a team with me?
    We must force all the Asians inside Great Wall of China, and never let them out.
    But not the Japan people, because they can make good things.
  14. Can I keep a few hot asian females for myself?
  15. Yes, but no unprotected sex, so no new Asians are ever made.
  16. Hmmm... let me think about it...

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