760Li vs S600 vs A8 W12

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ArmoMafia818, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Which one would u take???
    BMW 760Li-6.0L, V12TwinTurbo, 540hp/550tq, $136,600
    Audi A8 W12-6.0L, W12, 450hp/428tq, $120,100
    MB S600-5.5L, V12BiTurbo, 510hp/612tq, $149,700
  2. the Merc.

    But to me:

    S65 AMG
    Audi S8
    S63 AMG
    Alpina B7
  3. hard decision but id have to say s600
  4. BMW by a nudge from the Merc
  5. BMW for me, but the Benz is nice too
  6. audi, no brainer.
  7. Audi in this case, it's just about perfect. Also, wtf at the huge "V12" logo on the digital dash in the Merc?
  9. arabs like it
  10. also lol @ merc steering wheel, when they'll realize that style it's terrible?
  11. audi as it's the least fugly. though i'd rather have the 4.0 tdi than the w12, or preferably a v10/12 tdi if they made one (which i dont think they do)
  12. Audi's are underrated.
  13. a8w12 easily, the most sober and the most practical. Also the design of the car itself is much nicer than the ugly whales that became the last generation of the 7 series and the class s600.
  14. It's either only their in the Press pictures or it turns on briefly once you start the ignition or something. Clearly.
  15. It's a tossup between the BMW and the AUDI.
  16. lexus ls460L and keep the change. more comfy than any of those, and I could buy a GT3 with the leftovers.
  17. Quattroporte, so I can bathe in passion
  18. I agree with this actually.

    Except I'll take a Nissan GT-R instead of the Porsche.
  19. Saw two A8 W12s today. One of the best looking luxury cars made in the last 30 years.
  20. 740L disagrees.
  21. BMW. Imagine the potential of that motor, I bet it's not even sweating anything. Simple boost increase and OMFG
  22. Perhaps a shadowboost?

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