7L & 373kW 4 HSV GTS!?!

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Aych Es Vee, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. 7 litre GTS. will be heavy but with the new platform it will go pretty hard. It has to push 400kw for it to be worth the weight
  2. Shut up.
  3. is HSV brave enough to do this?
    lets hope so......
  4. Yeah we don't want another power war. Ford needs to lose weigt in their cars. Holden already have light vehicles for their size considering todays technology in a car. Ford could lose a hundred kilos or more.

    Holden/GM could easily get alot more power out of their cars without going higher in displacement, but why would they? Displacement is awesome.

    Holden Nut and Ford Falcon, you are both fanboys!
  5. your signature alone is enough reason for us to tell you to shut up.
  6. Your knowledge of motor vehicular related..... stuff, is amazing. Why the hell would the LS7 weigh more than the LS2? Are you a douche?

  7. just remember that he and bbcstachas2 are related...
  8. doyle just leave...
  9. His corect the weight would increas but by no way near enough to make the car 1800kg, the new chassie should be strong enough to take a 400kw car because the current one can.

  10. Why the #$%# would the weight increase?!
  11. because it is a bigger engine
  12. bigger engine? u mean from the 6.0L Gen IV engine or the 5.7L Gen III?

    Because the Gen IV is 4% lighter than Gen III engine. so the 6.0L is lighter than the 5.7L engine.
  13. The LS7 won't be physically bigger than the LS2. It will only have a larger INTERNAL capacity. If the car is heavier, it will be because of higher-spec equipment levels, not a heavier engine. When you stroke an engine, it doesn't get (considerably) heavier and when you bore out the cylinders, it will get lighter.... barely. Either way, the weight difference will be negligible. Like your intelligence.
  14. zing
  15. You've been zinging a bit too much lately.
  16. fair enough then but you can see why i would think that a bigger capacity means heavier engine a 6 weighs less than an 8
  17. yeah we understand but the ls7 is a new engine stroking that further would increase the weight of the ls7. Considering its already lighter, it wont be heavier than the old commo engine
  18. Seems a bit suss considering the rest of the range has a 6.0l will they go to 6.2 and holden get the 6.0 probably.

  19. Holden and HSV have always had the same displacement. The modifications on the HSV motors are usually very minor.
  20. well Motor and wheels both said that HSV will have the 6.2 L so wheel see.
  21. Displacment for the most part doesn't have anything to do with the size of the engine. Boring out the cylinders will if anything make the engine lighter.
  22. Not exactly, back between VR and VT days, you could get 5.7L HSV's, which you couldnt get in regular Holdens.
  23. Yeah I meant on the LS engines. I cant see HSV having its own engine these days. They dont put the V8s together at all in Australia any more do they?
  24. i hope it happens. the amg e55 and m5 have skipped aheaed of the gts for teh worlds fastest sedan so they need a big power increase to catch up again. and there wouldnt be a problem with the government because they would be very low volume and expensive
  25. It aways feels good to give the europeans a kick in the ass. If a 500hp GTS happens it will run quicker than the M5 for shore. Lacks the 7 speed gear box.

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