800TT 1/4 mile

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    For people who are jealous that their little crappy ass civics can't go this fast, this car isn't impressive.<!-- Signature -->
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    that is right.
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    Oh, wait, they can go that fast, but they spent a $h!tload on nitrous and other "mods".<!-- Signature -->
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    they don't understand what a great car is!
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    Nope, they think the only way to make a car go fast is with nitrous.<!-- Signature -->
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    nitrous doesn't make the speed.
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    Sure u can make any car go fast with Mods and No2...
    But no2 only makes u go fast for how long...?
    This car can go fast 24/7!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Exactly, you have to constantly fill your nitrous bottle back up! Plus, if you get too much nitrous, and don't upgrade parts of your engine to handle it, you'll really f*ck it up.<!-- Signature -->
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    Melting ur engine ain't cool!<!-- Signature -->
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    NO IT ISN'T!<!-- Signature -->
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    i agree.
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    The 1/4 mile time for this car was 9.99
    i now seem to see something i havent seen befor. its that the viper is a good car for the hp and the price but people over exagerate it
    making it sound better than it is, its not the best car in the world.
    It is simple Americas best car. And to the #$%# head who brought up 9/11 come on i heard enough of that sh1t on the news and im sick of it.
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    You're right they do. So what do you do in return? You go to the Viper forum and try and insult it. For some reason, you are insecure about people exclaiming the Viper to be the best car in the world. Does it really bother you that much? Why do you care? So what if they say its the best car. It just makes YOU look childish because you feel you have to do something about it.
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    Not so much as in secure but more like SICK!! of people saying this car can smoke anything when it has like 40,000$ of mods done to it and they compar it with stock cars and say that they muct suck if they cant beat this car. Take 40,000$ put it into a Civic and it will probably beat it. This hennessey isnt even really a true dodge anymore cause it needs an aftermarket company to make it good.
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    Yea, lots of people will do that. It is stupid to compare a modified car to a stock one, thats a given. Even when I go to other forums and see this car being compared with others it makes me mad. But, there are also other people who do the same thing with other cars, its not just some Viper fans.

    This car is still a true Dodge, its just tuned by an aftermarket company. And believe me, you don't need Hennessey or any tuner to make the Viper good, it's already good.
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    RIGHT, i am not even American but that was a SICK joke, dont come in here if you talk like that


    P.S I love my viper (hence the name)
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    RIGHT, i am not even American but that was a SICK joke, dont come in here if you talk like that


    P.S I love my viper (hence the name)
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    lol, hold on a second, if its an import car then it cant take corner better than this truck, hahaha, #$%# right dodge rule
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    if 3 planes crashed into their buildings, they woudlnt have any buidlings,lol, cuz they spend too much damn time and money TRYING to top american cars, and wonder y they coudlnt win in a war, shit we stand stronger when we're attacked offguard, u would prolly run and cry james kot
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    ok, bout this forum, its been said many times but yeh, it was 9.99seconds in the quarter, not bad at all, especially having just multiple guys having fun with it and on a shitty day......thats a good time they pulled, ive seen sumone say the track dried beofre they got that time, well i seen about 20 videos on like every run that was made by this car, u think just cuz a track might have dried that the track had time to heat up and be sticky for this car?...nope, track stayed damp and clouds hung over, only heat was made by the vipers tires but still pulled these times.
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    the 800tt 1/4 mile time is impressive, nothin to say more!
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    hahahaha you talk and talk and talk only stupid things, i bet that you work in a Bk or in a Mc and in one of your miserable days you saw a viper and just because you thougt it was pretty doesn't mean that is the fastest i know cars that can make 1/4 mile in less than 8 sec.
    and just to show you an example there is the 02, z06 vette modified by lingfelter that makes 9.2 secs on a 1/4 mile and 1.97 secs 0-60.
    and if you keep posting crap i'm gonna *****-slap you or fku in the ear.
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    hahah...the fastest honda does 15sec 1\4
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    WTF! does that have to do with anything FBI

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