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    What you have failed to notice about this car is that it holds the record for the fastest slalom speed. Another thing you have failed to notice is that Vipers win LOTS of races. Not drag races, track races. Go look up a few that the Viper or Corvette have entered and you will see that there is a reason to love these cars. They are the fastest cars in the world for the money and much faster than MOST cars that cost more. And I don't mean just on the drag strip as I have pointed out. Do some research before you start ripping on a car.
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    The Slalom record is still hold by the "pussy" Lotus Elise.

    The successful Vipers are the wonderfuls GTS-R , not this crap.
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    DONT YOU EVER CALL A LOTUS ELISE "pussy" LOTUS IS ONE OF THE BEST CAR COMPANYS EVER!!!!, Anyone would rather have a Lotus over some wanna be sportscar Viper and if they dont then they are some moron redneck.
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    If u prefer a Lotus over "some Wannabe sportscar Viper"...
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    That '02 Lingenfelter Corvette is disqualified because it had an engine swap. And Honda Civics are disqualified because they probably had engine swaps or engines specifically built to handle the massive amount of NO2 that they HAD to use to get those times.

    And those Hondas that get 1/4 mile times in the 8s can ONLY drag race and can take a turn about as well as a Mustang being driven by a drunk driver with no arms and an eyelash in his eye. I hate to say it, even though Vipers are one of my favorite makes, but these damned things ARE near impossible to beat if you have a good driver behind the wheel. Of course they aren't the cleanest cars as far as emissions go. Why haven't you know-nothings brought that up to bash a car that you could only dream to beat.

    Post Script: What do you mean "pussy" Lotus Elise? I'm not being confrontational, but the 1995 Lotus Elise is probably my favorite car and not to mention a thrill to drive. And if it's not my favorite, it's definately in my top 5.
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    well you cannot compare a honda and other jap to an american muscle car.
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    Did you notice the brackets ???????????????

    I put them and the word pussy because moronic rednecks say the Elise has a pussy instead of an engine.

    A stock Viper is a real sportcar , but for the price I can have a tuned Exige that wastes it around a track.
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    You wouldnt need to tune an exige that much to beat the viper in handling but to beat it in the straight sadly but true some NO2 would help it lots or put a diff engine in it and a blower then an exige would smoke this viper.
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    There are Jap cars that are DAMN good...
    But yeah i prefer the American muscle.
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    you are not realistic jap cars are pure crap
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    nah mate...there r some good jap cars...
    like the Mazda RX-8, Toyota AB-Flug Supra ect.
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    i #$%# this crap
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    my question is how many g's can it pull
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    Well i wouldn't actually use the RX-8 for racin'...
    just as a family car...something to get around in.
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    im not happy with the quarter mile time at all... i could go out and spend about $15,000 and have something that goes faster than this car... and this automobile that im talking about only has about 130 horsepower.. that's about a 2.2L 4 cyc.... now if i got your attention... im talking about a stock Suzuki Hayabusa... weighing in at about 400 lbs and 1300CC's it can run the quarter mile in about 8 or 9 sec. now would you rather be spending $90,000 or $15,000 when your going 130mph in a quarter mile and the hayabusa can also top out at 220 mph... car or motorcycle if you wreck your ducked cuz your machine is just going to cruble to pieces, and if your on a bike you could slide in the grass... car.. well your gonna be pinned inside and if it catches fire... boom... your bad.. spend the $15K and ride in style would be my guess.... BUT on the other hand, i really do love the Dodge Viper's.. they're slick cars... my friend's dad has 2 of them and another on the way... i've gotten the chance to drive the '95 viper and its oh so slick... well im outta here.. lata
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    It is N2O not NO2.

    This is for morons , the 1st guy I see putting N2O in his Elise is dead.

    By the way , the Elise is very often passed in straight line , but blows the other cars as soon as the corner comes.
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    bravo deug ca fait plaisir de te voir mettre les poings sur les i et les barres sur les t
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    Oh really...
    Your saying that a Elise could smoke this on the track...
    for some strage reason i don't believe u...
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    top speed of the elise 270 kph? you can't compare it to the viper
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    Maybe if the Viper was in reverse...?
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    interestin' remark
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    Ultima GTR for under a 100 grand can smoke a stock Viper; corner, and straight.

    A 150k Ultima GTR will smoke a souped up Viper 800TT.

    There are people that own Vipers and have seen Ultima GTRs on streets/track know that the GTR can't be beat on the straights...
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    have ya got proofs to affirm such things? or where have ya read that?
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    have ya got proofs to affirm such things? or where have ya read that?
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    Kurt Dobson's Ultima GTR has a top speed of over 245 mph, 1/4 mile of 7 seconds (faster if adjusting the turbo to a higher boost). He'll be racing in the Silver State Classic which is a 90 mile public highway in the state of Nevada.

    His GTR cost about 115k. He bought it as a roller that's why it costed this much. If he were to build the car from ground up then it would cost less a 100 grand. More information on his car can be found at www.ultimaclub.com (under fastest Ultima link).

    In regards to an Ultima GTR that cost under a hundred grand, which would be a build up from component form and scoutting the remaining tranny and engine. With a stock Chevy 350 and Porsche G50/52 gearbox, these are the performance data tested by various test drivers (magazine editorial):

    Wind tunnel tested to 220 mph
    Speed runs:
    (Chevy 350 small-block engine)
    0 to 60 mph = 3.3 seconds (Car and Driver)
    0-100 mph = 6.8 seconds (Santa Pod)
    0-150 mph = 10.9 seconds (Santa Pod)
    0-180 mph = 14.8 seconds (Santa Pod)

    Quater mile run: 150 mph at 10.9 seconds (Santa Pod)

    These times are above supercar standards. A lot of the supercars out there can't even pull the accelerations posted above. Although, the top speed isn't exactly, super car speeds, but I doubt a stock Dodge Viper can actually pull 200 mph.

    Data taken from Ultima Cars, http://www.ultimacars.com/fra_ultima_cars.htm

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