800TT 1/4 mile

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    considering vipers have been ripping up the track since right after they came out, you just seem to have some sort of jelousy complex
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    this car is modded, which means you can take the RUF CTR2 add twin T4 turbo's and have almost 1000hp 0-60 in 2.3, 1/4 mile in 9.2 and top speed over 250 mph
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    Thats what you recieve when you put effort into building your own car.

    BTW, the Ultima GTR is by no means a Production car. They give you the parts for the chassis and you have to provide your own engine. Still, its an amazing performance car, as one would expect.
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    Just a few questions about the performance numbers in that link for the Ultima GTR.

    1) If it's a 2002 Ultima, why are there peformance figures from 8/25/90? Was the Ultima even around back then?

    2) 0-150 is 10.9 seconds? That's 1.9 seconds faster than the McLaren F1 tested by Autocar. 0-180 in 14.8? That's 5.3 seconds faster than the F1 (20.3). These numbers sound fairly preposterous. At least for a street legal, ostensibly production Ultima GTR.

    3) I have the 12/99 issue of C&D, and there's no test of the Ultima GTR in it. The test they did for their 4/00 issue had these results (with the 5663cc, 345-hp Chevy V8):
    0-60 3.3 (same as in the link)
    0-100 8.4
    0-150 26.3
    Top speed (redline limited) 157 mph
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    I'm sure the date there is a mistake. If you doubt the performance for this car, why not email ultimacars.com and find out for yourself?

    Ultima GTR/Can-Ams are known for great acceleration, handling, and braking. That's part of there marketing campaign. Notice, Ultima Sports Ltd. says it faster than any other production car such as: any showroom Ferrari, Lamborghini, the new Porsche 911 Turbo, and the feasome Dodge Viper, but aside from the Maclaren F1. It's slower than the Mclaren F1 in top speed but acceleration to 60s, 100s, 150s, and etc are faster.

    Like SVSi say, these are component cars. You can't compare a race car to a street car. These are supercars with a decent price tag, performance, handling, but lack the usual sportscar comforts...

    There's no need to argue against those stated performance runs. They are true. If it's not, they wouldn't post it on their website. Just let it be, it's an amazing machine. Book a ride in it then you will know why people are afraid of it. Checkout one of the review in Ultima GTR forum, under reviews.
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    "I'm sure the date there is a mistake. If you doubt the performance for this car, why not email ultimacars.com and find out for yourself?"

    I just did. Twice. Take a look at the results below.

    PS. This is not an argument. Only trying to get to the bottom of these figures.

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    ahh...this nothin' there except an Error...?
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    Exactly. And I'm guessing there's an error in the numbers in that link. They're probably from the race car version, I think.
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    The Ultima GTR is a race car made road legal, so all of them are race version... Essentially, the Ultima GTR is a component car which accepts any engines with horsepower upwards to 1000. Therefore, it doesn't have to be a track car for the GTR to produce figures posted on their web site. But from what I've remember, they have sent me brochures posted with the same figures listed on their website.

    If you are that obsess in obtaining the truth behind those performance figures then give Ultima Sports Ltd. (Hinckley England Factory) a call and find out the phone number for the USA factory, Ultima Cars.

    Additionally, you shouldn't assume the figures are wrong due to their form problem on their website. How exactly does a form problem relate to the performance figures posted on their website?

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    No one said it does. You asked me to contact them, so I tried via the website.

    You seem privy to the Ultima's performance numbers so perhaps you could send us a link to the test from which the numbers were derived? A scan or a link to the article. Thanks.
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    this car iz $160,000, so it ain't under 100 G's
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    Well it would cost me about Aus$200 000 to get it to Australia...?
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    XxWRCxX you are a #%$ Ive seen a stock Viper tear up a lamborghini (did i spell that right, uh who cares). a pussy as skyline cant even compare to a diablo.
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    but if u compare a stock viper to a Murcilargo...
    the Viper would get teared up.
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    Just for the record, this guy is an ideot. Can someone please get this inport crazy dude out of hear. I say GTR's suck,suck,suck.
    Hennessy Forever!
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    wow, and i thought this would be about the 800TT 1/4 mile.
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    what gave u that idea!
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    i guess that little birdy was confused.
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    If you haven't been keeping track of the Ultima GTR, the latest 640hp Ultima GTR set many performance records over the past month.

    377ci 640 hp

    0-60mph - 2.6 seconds
    0-100mph - 5.5 seconds
    0-150mph - 11.8 seconds
    0-100mph-0 in 10.3 seconds
    Top Speed - 231mph (gear limited)

    All for 100k USD, build it yourself or 140k USD built by the factory. These stats were set by a production car. The records are set in the Guiness World Records for the fastest production car. The owner of this car participates in the Ultima forum at www.pistonheads.com ,along with other Ultima GTR owners and enthusiasts.

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