80's-90's everyday cars you don't really see anymore

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  1. 1986 Nissan 200SX

    1986 Nissan 200SX Hatchback -2.JPG
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  2. 1987 Toyota Supra

    1987 Toyota Supra.JPG
  3. Some that pop into my brain as cars that I haven't seen in quite a while, that I used to every day...


    Mazda's full sized 929


    Similarly, their MX-6 coupe


    The mid-90's Dodge/Chrysler Grand Caravan


    Infiniti/Nissan J30


    Eagle Talon
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  4. 1985 Renault 5 Alpine

    1985 Renault 5 Alpine -1.JPG
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    Yesterday on the A4 I saw a normal one and I just adore them
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  6. Saw it yesterday at a car show and when I saw it, I said that I know a certain person that will like this car.:)
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  7. 1990 Cadillac Seville

    1990 Cadillac Seville.JPG
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  8. Nice. Oh you know which 80's American barge I really like too? That (85 or 86?) Cadillac Seville Slantback :) Not sure how common they were over there. Here not very common but also not very unusual. A bit the same status as the Buick Park Avenue had over here in the early-mid 90's:
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  9. I've seen a couple of those, but not in car shows. I'll take a pic of one, for sure.
  10. Here you go MooSquad, I'm more than sure you never seen this.

    A 1984 Cadillac Classic Eldorado Paris Edition.

    1984 Cadillac Classic Eldorado Paris Edition -1.JPG 1984 Cadillac Classic Eldorado Paris Edition -2.JPG 1984 Cadillac Classic Eldorado Paris Edition -3.JPG
  11. Half Excalibur half Eldo lol
  12. You people disgust me
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  13. You have no class, man!
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  14. You'd rock it on a road trip to the Spanish coast, 99% sure, haha
  15. Oh definitely
  16. I ones drove a first gen Visa through a carwash and it was scary as hell. The whole car creaked and whined, I thought it was going to crushed! :eek:
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    French deathtrap.
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  18. 68c43737bccf3acf6c8369322119eb61.jpg
    Citroën Dyane 6
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  19. ModelMehari.jpg
    Citroën Mehari
  20. A955_NWL_Front_10-11-11.jpg
    Alfa Romeo Alfasud
  21. Alfa_Romeo_33_1.3_VL_1991.jpg
    Alfa Romeo Alfa 33
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  23. Those I still see fairly often, mostly in towns around the seacoast, the Renault 4/6/ACL Rodeo is almost extinct, though. The Méhari was always more the character choice, though :D
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  24. i don't think i've seen one in the 90's either
  25. There are 2 in great condition driving around here, a first gen in green and a red one of the second phase CitroenSM posted. But it's a collector, who also has a Panda 34, Simca 1000 and MK1 Golf (with the narrow rear lights)

    edit: and a Renault 9 or 11.. I only saw the front side, so dunno which of the 2 haha
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