80's-90's everyday cars you don't really see anymore

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  1. In all my files of pics I have, a long time ago, I took a pic of this Alfa Romeo Alfetta in downtown Montréal.
    I don't know the model year, maybe it's a 80's car. Auto F1 013.jpg Auto F1 014.jpg
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  2. Ahhhh, my beloved 1983 Pontiac Firebird. Made the mistake of selling it.:( 1983 Pontiac Firebird -2.jpg
  3. 1991 Mercury Capri XR2 1991 Mercury Capri XR2 convertible -1.JPG 1991 Mercury Capri XR2 convertible -2.JPG
  4. 1989 Toyota MR2 Supercharged 1989 Toyota MR2 Supercharged -2.JPG 1989 Toyota MR2 Supercharged -5.JPG
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  5. 1985 Renault Alliance DL convertible 1985 Renault Alliance DL convertible -1.JPG 1985 Renault Alliance DL convertible -2.JPG
  6. 1983 Mazda RX-7 GX 1983 Mazda RX-7 GX -3.JPG 1983 Mazda RX-7 GX -1.JPG 1983 Mazda RX-7 GX -2.JPG
  7. Yeah I can't recall the last time I saw a 164 of any kind. I really want one.

    Which Alfa was the one with the briefcase built into the dash?
  8. Yeah prices for these are actually going up in the UK, For a nice, sorted Turbo 740 or 760 it'll be a at least £1500. Years ago I bought a 760 GLE for £200. A couple of years after that I had a 740 Turbo Intercooler (estate). That was £360.
  9. That's a 940.
  10. Lol. I used to walk past a Mazda 626 on the way to primary school. I thought it was awesome. Dat integrated spoiler, doe
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  11. Lol they're basically the same car! Okay the 940 is slightly pointy at the front and it does have independent rear suspension, but really they are almost identical.
  12. Alfa Romeo 90, but those have never sold well, haha
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  13. I kinda want one of those briefcases just to use.

    LOVE those gauges, though.
  14. Different generations and slightly different design, no?
  15. The first Laguna was so premium...
  16. OK here's a good one. Lots of 6-doors Mercedes taxis rolling around in the 90's.
    Sorry it's not a photo. That video is way better than the pictures on Google Images.
  17. What's up with all these cars having dutch license plates in canada?
  18. There's one like that still driving around in my city
  19. add the early/mid 90s Ford Taurus, Toyota Tercel, and Ford escort and thats pretty much my list
  20. you've posted both of the triumphs i own. I think you're trying to send me a hint.
  21. Taurus was a grey import here (same goes for other US-Fords and Lincolns), but not an unusual sight in the 90's. I liked that wagon.
  22. People import them here, and in Québec only, our cars only got a rear licence plate.
    What they do is leave the front licence plate of the country it comes from on the car.
  23. Ah that makes sense
  24. I loved the MR2s and Fieros

    Always liked the idea of a cheap mid-rear engine car.
    I liked how the Chevy Z34 looked too. Made me think of the Lotus Omega

    I have a thing for the sleeper sedan/coupe look.
  25. I like those Chevrolet Lumina Z34.

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