80's-90's everyday cars you don't really see anymore

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  1. Alberta only has rear plates as well. But you don't see classy stuff like dutch plates. You see confederate flag plates and the likes. Alberta and Saskatchewan are Canada's redneck southern areas.
  2. My opinion is somewhat skewed, being a past owner of the 700s. I'll always look at them as the same. The 960 and S90/V90 to me is when they start to become more obviously removed from the 700s, as they're more luxurious and often have the straight 6 200+hp engine
  3. **** you for making me look out for 90's cars all the way from work yesterday.
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  4. My life, every day, haha
  5. Haha i do that as well.
  6. Saw this again the other day. Honda Jazz (City on other continents I believe)
  7. I saw a renault 19 16v and a renault 4 today. Awesome
  8. I like older Renaults. My dad once had the aforementioned 25, and way way before that he had a 16. The 16 was the first car I pressed the accelerator on (with the engine running)
  9. haha that's cool. first car i remember we used to have was an audi 80 1.6. incredible shitty car.
  10. Lol dad had one of those, too! I don't remember it being shitty, but it probably was. He then "upgraded" to a C4 A6, which was as slow as a glacier
  11. it was the 80b3, then upgraded to a 80b4 2.0, which was pretty good. then we upgraded to a b5 a4, which was allright
  12. Seat Ibiza, first gen. Though second (VW-era) is also slowly disappearing
  13. And the 300M, sold until 2004, not even a bad seller relatively, one of the few Chryslers I really liked, but unusual now
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  14. Good call on the Carina E. I can't remember when I last saw one.

    That being said, that's probably because they're boring as **** and I never notice them
  15. also I haven't seen a dodge neon in ages
  16. Good
  17. Plenty of Neons here.
  19. More Ferraris than Neons in my town
  20. Sadly almost extinct. It was probably like any other American spacemobile, but taking such risk as others did as well in the late 80s (think of how radical that Taurus was too at the time on the outside) I can only applaud:
  21. I raced a Trans Sport in my Thunderbird and it kept even till I hit my 100MPH limiter, then it pulled away. :oops:
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  22. How about Rover 600 and 800's?
    I still see some 600's here and there, but none of them is a 620ti. "Sterlings" don't exist here anymore. I bet they're all broken.

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  23. Rare here by now, but in the UK there are apparently almost 5000 of these 600-series still driving around (and 2000 with SORN status).

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