86 porsche 944 turbo vs. 96 300zx

Discussion in '1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo' started by doroth, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. to awsome cars! but i would have to say the 944 just cuz i got one but it would be a great race!<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, my brother had a 87' 944 Turbo. Get car, and it was very quick. IMHO, it was faster than the Z I had at the time.
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    well the facts are that the 944 turbo has less hp, better 0-60 time, and lower topspeed.

    omg this would be the bes race!!<!-- Signature -->
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    I would go with a porsche but the one u got sucks so i'll go with the z. U can upgrade the turbos for 5-7g bpu for 2-3g and have around 500-700 horses that will run about 11's on street tires and 10's on slicks and go around 200 mph and handles a lot better with roll bars ans struts so bye bye to ur porsche.
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    OK - I have owned both of these toys.
    To put it simply, the 300ZXTT is the BEST car that I have EVER owned.
    Dont get me wrong though, the Porsche was a great car, but poor mechanics and electrics, let this car down badly. I was always under the hood every Sunday putting something right. The other let down, is that there seems to be one one every street corner. Not a 944 Turbo, but a 944. In the publics eye, they all look the same.
    The 300ZXTT though was a beast. Great and sleek looking. At the time There were not many of these around when I had it. I had it tunes to approx 420 BHP and the thing went. Boy did it go!!
    Quite a reliable car (If you keep the boost to a realistic level) and I use to get lots of looks in it. A great posemobile if there ever was one. At the end of the day, its all about exclusiveness.
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    Nice 300zx <!-- Signature -->
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    is that even a comparison, try comparing the 968 turbo S, it has 305BHP not 12.5 like the 944.<!-- Signature -->

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