9/11 conspiracies *rant*

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  1. a partial collapse is the only other way....Madrid building I posted would fit the bill wouldnt it?
  2. Maybe the building damage was worse than a hurricane. This looks like some serious damage.
  3. How do you explain the war games being changed from the beginning of October to September, doing the exact same exercise of planes hitting those targets? October 2000 is not September 2001.

    Any explanation why the government has refused to show anyone the content of the tapes from the gas station and hotel by the pentagon? And don't say its because it would prove they're innocent... thats sad.
  4. Show me where it says that its condemned because of debris from the WTC towers, for any building.
  5. Almost every relevant news story was written and in the major news networks homepages the week right after the attacks.
  6. still tho, look at this and picture it falling, you just cant
  7. Ok. Why did you quote me?
  8. Wow, maybe show the sides that have no damage, that will prove your point. The problem is that no real photos exist from the damaged side because it was impossible. I can imagine it falling from the picture I posted.
  9. Yeah nevermind the firefighters that got gag orders from a judge so they could not keep talking about how they heard and saw floor by floor explosions in the towers just before it collapsed. Nevermind the basic fundamental laws of physics that shows us that the towers would have toppled if they were to collapse due to structural weakness and not demolition. Nevermind the BYU professor that has gone on record as saying that it is impossible for it to have collapsed due to fire damage. Oh yeah, and don't forget the architects, engineers and the people who cleared the WTC towers for construction with the port authority.

    Yeah, they know nothing.
  10. Then it would be no problem to release the video!

    That is, unless there is something to hide.
  11. Pics? Articles? Anything?
  12. My conspiracy theory? I'm sorry, I don't believe in conspiracy theories, you are arguing FOR yours, I'm arguing against it. Maybe YOU should get YOURS correct and show some kind of proof that what you say is true, because theres video of the 2 WTC towers, the pentagon, and WTC building 7 collapsing, of those there is only video of the WTC towers getting attacked.

    Love to see your proof, or anything you have to answer besides childish and pointless replies.
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    Did I ever state what I thought it was that hit the pentagon?

    You really need to learn some reading comprehension.
  14. WTC 7 or another building that wasn't a WTC tower?
  15. I was not going to respond to your stupid filth that you post, but it is terrible. The BYU prof was a physists and his paper was fundamentally flawed. Using the 2nd law thermodynamics is laughable.
  16. What do you know about the maneuver the pilot had to make and the skill of the pilot supposedly in the cockpit? I'm betting that its next to nothing.
  17. you give certain people exactly the information they say doesnt exist and they imediately go on to a new topic with nothing to say.

    Once you start ignoring certain things that are facts because they seem unlikely or just dont fit with official stories or what everyone else around you believes, youve already lost your will to explore and think on your own.

    Its ok to question if your goal is to debate or even confirm, it seems to be a foreign concept here for many.
  18. Occams Razor? WTF? Explain with that logic how 19 hijackers, 5 OF WHICH ARE STILL ALIVE AND WELL, hijacked all these planes simultaneously NEVER LEAVING ANY EVIDENCE THEY BOARDED OR WERE ON THE PLANES.

    Come on. Really.
  19. Nevermind that there is no way the structural core and foundation was damaged by the planes. The towers were designed to withstand 3 impacts from airliners EACH. Its just. not. physically. possible. period.
  20. i think S15 GTR is homero.
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    There were no firefighters in WTC7, there was no firefighting, there were no communications saying anything about fire there. It just plain didn't happen.
  22. Pictures of the fire are faked by the jews.
  23. Nah hes a stupid lebo in canada.
  24. Jet fuel is kerosene-- kerosene burns over 2000F lower than the melting point of the steel, thats not even enough to weaken the area of the steel that was being heated, let alone the structual core of the building. Many times before building built the same way have burned for days and the structure never had ANY problem.
  25. That is more than enough to weaken the steel, it is called thermal creep.

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