9/11 conspiracies *rant*

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FerrariAKL, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Why? You are really smart it seems, smarter than a professor of physics, and smarter than people who were very very deep within the US government, EVEN MORE SO smarter than the people who certify the steel that was used in the construction!

    Lets see your contribution, einstein.
  2. They are conditioned.

    edit: All this thread was made to be is a self-affirmation circle jerk for everyone that wants to sleep nice and tight knowing that their government either plain doesn't care about them or that they are just immune to things happening everywhere else in the world. 9/11 happened so that the government could give the people exactly what they've been asking for, a great bedside story to drift off to sleep to. You have your villain, bin Laden, your hero, the US state, and your problem, terrorism.

    Anyways, theres no point to discuss politics or really anything of seriousness in this forum. This is supercars.net, everyone here probably wants to own a #$%#ing supercar, its not the most realistic mindstate is it.
  3. Because he is a physics prof, not an engineer, there is a difference.
  4. WTC 7, which wasn't one of the twin towers but did collapse.
  5. before they attack, there were minor fires at best but I heard they didnt have water supply, certainly not enough to make it collapse since before that day it had never happened before.
  6. Read the thread I posted it shows more than minor fires.
  7. wheres the thermal creep here? Why didnt this building fall from it. Weve got crepe city here, no collapse.
  8. minor or major still shouldnt do it
  9. Is bin Laden terrorist and is innocent?
  10. Thank you for your expert opinion.
  11. Acutally, that was almost verbatim from my uncle who is a commercial pilot, and as it goes, I've actually spent a few hours behind the flight yoke myself and have experienced groud effects first hand. My point was just that it wouldn't take half the skill the sites claim it would to do such a thing. What do YOU know about flight/the pilots on the plane?

    Five of the terrorists are still alive? Or five people with the same name? If we claimed they died WHY WOULD WE LEAVE THEM ALIVE?! I'm not even arguing specifically that it wasn't a government plot (though I believe it wasn't), I'm arguing that even if it were, they wouldn't have jumped through all these crazy hoops. They would have just crashed the #$%#ing planes into the #$%#ing buildings and that way there would be no evidence that anything else happened. The SIMPLEST explaination, after all is the one without all this weird crap going on behind the scenes and people blowing up unrelated minor buildings for shits and giggles or whatever. We would have made sure those we claimed were responsible were dead. And there is publically available footage of Mohammad Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari going through security in Maine that morning.

    EDIT: FYI, I'm not a fan of our current government, either. I don't trust them much at all. But that doesn't mean I should abandon reason. I've read all the points before and none of them form as cohesive of a whole as some variant of the official story, at least as far as basic mechanics goes. All the conspiracy theories rely upon are little pieces that don't seem to fit, but don't form a cohesive whole unto themselves. Anyway, I'm done. I haven't said A SINGLE THING in this thread I haven't said before.
  12. Personally.... Ive only really commented on the facts surrounding the collapse of WTC#7, I dont see why that should make some gasp for air. Its just questions about buildings and look how crazy people get just to tell me im wrong like their holding on to their cookies from swarming kids at recess time. Relax its called debating the facts and there are conflicting facts even FEMA has yet to answer, so I think im justified in asking too.
  13. I can agree with that. No matter who was responsible or how it went down, something of this magnitude would leave a lot of questions. Some of which we may never know the answers to.
  14. well, the way the country is currently being run and how the public policies are being legislated, its more than comepletely plausible that the government did do it.

    and as i said, no one can do anything about it or even find out for sure until the government would be totally overthrown...
  15. You really are really stupid, especially for someone trying to convince us you're so smart.
  16. the government still gets their money before you get the checque for the work so are you smarter than him really? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    think about that, you do work, we all do, the government gets paid for your work before you do...isnt that messed up?

    just thought id bring it up
  17. Strangely enough, that's only true of one of my jobs. The other one I'm a contracted worker and I deduct afterwards. Which is confusing as #$%#.
  18. no its not, if they didnt no one would pay taxes.
  19. why wouldnt we? After all wouldnt we be paying for a great service and what a great job they were doing for us?
  20. COntract work would be really rewarding, is it?
  21. Why? Because the government is too big and stupid to come up with such a good conspiracy.
  22. huh?

    im not trying to convince anyone...

    and there is nothing about these theories that wouldn't be plausible.
  23. You are either poorly educated or not very bright.
  24. Our goverment is too incompenent to pull this off and leave no hard evidence.
  25. It's tight. I'm basically employed for this little company, but I don't actually have a boss and I get paid really well. To top it off, my hours are really flexible. It's the perfect college student job.

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