9/11 In Plane Site (Pentagon Crash - MOVIE)

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    Here is that controversial movie on the Pentagon crash called - 9/11 In Plane Site.

    Hypish Overview:
    From Dave vonKleist,
    (co-host of The Power Hour radio program & writer/producer of the album Will Someone Listen)
    William Lewis
    (producer & director of American Freedom News, TruNews and Police State)
    comes a full length documentary presented in a modern, stylish TV news-magazine format.

    "911 In Plane Site"
    uses news footage from all of the major news sources in an in-depth analysis
    which shows that what was originally reported on the morning of September 11, 2001
    is not what has become the official story of that day.

    Eyewitness accounts and live video feeds told the real story of 911 and they are
    presented now for the first time as evidence of the largest cover-up in modern day history.

    With the pounding force of a sledgehammer you will find yourself horrified and astonished
    at the shear scope of the largest transgressions ever carried out against the people of the
    United States and indeed...
    of the entire world.

    http://www.thongsnbongs.com/video/911_In_Plane_Site.avi (107mb)
  2. This is such BS, go to 30 minutes in, this moron is trying to tell us both the towers are still standing when its obvious that only 1 is standing.
  3. someone lend me a few KB's/sec.
  4. and this the loser who says they fired a missle into the WTC and he goes on to say it what was needed something to start the fire as the plane went through the building. like electrical wires, heat from the engines ect were not enough, this guy deserves a bullet right in the temple
  5. wasnt it made to withstand all that though?
  6. They didn't suspect anyone to intentionaly fly into the tower. They built it to withstand a very slow moving plane, for one (about half the speed), and two, a 737.
  7. Wow bullshit that is Michael Moore worthy.
  8. and considering the amount of fuel in the plane. it would do much more damage by itself than any missle
  9. this is worse that michael moore

    then hes like eyewitnesses this and that, 99 percent of eyewitnesses are bad witnesses, thats a proven fact. them him with the fighterfighters saying oh it looked like it was pancaking down like a controlled demolition.

    the best part is that he attacks Bush and then he justifys it by saying oh but we arent liberal cause Clinton blew up a factory in Sudan.
  10. whoever made that video had lotta time

    total BS i know
    my bad for postion it here

    just saw the video
  11. It looks like I'm not going to download that shit...
  12. OMG what a dumbass

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