9-3 or 9-5

Discussion in '1966 McLaren M1B' started by HSVnot4ME, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. Now, Saab has the Aero in both the 9-3 and 9-5. The difference between them is 0.3 L diff in displacement and a diff turbo (not necessarily better).

    I personally prefer the 9-3 because it looks better and i don't think that the 0.3 L merits and extra AU$20-$30k.

    I was wondering if anybody knows if there is more to the 9-5 than meets the eye or is it really just a much bigger car with only a slightly bigger engine.
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    93 for me... the 95 is bigger...and heavier.
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    I personally prefer the 93 but i own a 95 Aero estate as my company car and i can say the performance under the 95 is amazing. I cant help but smile when i put my foot down and hear that turbo kick in. I think Saabs are very under rated cars and they just keep getting better and better
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    I choose the 9-3, has a better design and looks very similiar to the '94 Saab 900 (which I own and absolutely love)

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