9-speed Transmission?!

Discussion in '2004 Orca C113' started by kuluvu, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. So are they implying that they only have like a 900rpm powerband?
    Because 9 gears is a little ridiculous for 224mph when the Dauer can muster 252mph out of 5 gears.
  2. Yeah that is a little rediculous. It has plenty of torque (it's a supercharged V8 for crying out loud). The 7 speed is over kill, 9 would just make the first 4 gears burn-out gears. It only really needs a 5 or maybe a 6 if you want a super tall final gear (for top speed). I think this car is ugly, stupid and will never actually see a road. The company will be bankrupt before it is ever fully completed and they actually deliver one.

    Save the cash, buy a Tiger (Super 7 based car), have them put a Suzuki haybusa engine in it and then send the engine to Velocity racing for a complete race turbo set-up. BAM! 1200 lbs (remember the bike engine is hella lighter than a car engine), 6 speed sequential gearbox, and about 550-600 hp TO THE TIRES! That car would give a Dauer a challenge in 0-60 (the twin ZX-12 engined, AWD version ran 0-60 in like 2.8 sec. and it only had about 320hp). All for well under $100,000.
  3. Theres write Gear Type Sequential 7-Speed not 9 and about the tuning car i think u r not very smart u can't compare a modified shit car whit a supercar
    theres a great difference
  4. read the #$%#ing text... (Another highlight is the 7-speed sequential transmission or optional nine speed unit.)
  5. 9 gears? that would just get kinda boring... i mean u'd have to shift every 2 seconds if ur gonna go anywhere... noh a 5 or a 6 would do just fine for me
  6. What possible advantage could that possibly give a daily driver? None, I'm sure, just a holdover from a track model. You would have to start in 4th to not do ridiculous burnouts every time you pulled out of your parking space in the grocery store or out of your driveway.

    You OBVIOUSLY know nothing about top speed. do you know that when a car has a 5 or 6 speed box and can reach high speeds that it takes it SOOOOOO long to get there, with more gears it allows the car to reach top speed quicker.

    A Tiger will never reach the same speed as this car, and it will perform crap in acceleration tests because the chassis simply cant handle it. Put a Bike engine and Turbo it, having you been playing too much Need for Speed. And i hope you realise something called TURBO LAG, getting that much boost from an engine of such small capacity creates lag. The engine can't produce enough power through its exhaust system because of small capacity to spool up a turbo without a delay. It would take a lot of revs and time to spool up the turbo then let the clutch out to achieve a time which could be done simply by squirting the accelerater in a Supercharged V8. you are like a twelve year old who doesent know how to deal with different engines apart from what you saw on The Fast and the Furious. And another problem with your supposed King of all cars. The Tiger (which is quite a small car) would not be able to fit tyres big enough to deal with the torque. The small thing tyres currently on it would spin for more than 3 seconds if you dumped that load of torque onto them. You would need some wide tyres (like the ones on this baby) to grip the road. Okay, now to top speed, the Tiger is not exactly the king of aerodynamics, and that is the most important factor in top speed, it creates a force against the car, and the faster the car gets the more force applied against it, which counters the cars power, thats why some cars such as the Bentley Cont. GT have a very good power/pounds ratio and gearing to reach speeds much higher, but fail because they are chunky gliders. the Tiger is not aerodynamic.

    I think i've done enough ranting for today, so you think long and hard and maybe borrow some books from the library about Phsyics, Aerodynamics, Engines. etc.
  8. 7 Gears should be more than plenty..even some F1 cars have max 7. Unless this thing has some ability to gerenate alot of torque @ high RPMS, 9 gears is definitely overkill.

    As for the Caterham/Tiger...sure..fast...and you can use a motorcycle engine...but then any one of you ever drive one in a wet track event?...or even on the road when it starts raining?...definitely..NOT PLEASANT!

    BTW..most turboed Hayabusa engines I've seen produce around 400hp..not 500....and yes..turbo technology has improved in ages...but to counter lag with a small engine...I'd stick with a low pressure turbo..unless you can get your hands on a variable blade pitch turbo like the new Porsche 911 Turbo.
  9. The Veyron has 7 foward gears, I son't see anyone rubbishing that.

    There's a Maybach with 2 reverse gears...

    All of you shut up.
  10. maybe, but i could imagine a 9-speed having amazing fuel efficiency at highway speeds (not necessarily amazing compared to your average car, but amazing compared to this car with a 5-speed)
  11. this car would not be boring to drive no matter what.
  12. i dont know how to drive a manual but isnt it a bad idea having a 9 speed transmission as one could forget which gear to shift in while downshifting? (lets say you would brake on a freeway from a speed of 140 mph to 80 mph)
  13. if you know what youre doing, then you probably wont screw up.i like manual, although theres always the risk that you'll change into the wrong gear.
  14. If this does have 9 speed..it's most likely going to be a Sequential Manual Gearbox like F1 cars. I doubt anyone is gonna row 9 speeds..haha.

    Highway efficiency sure, but then you gotta remember that unless this car is extremely aerodynamic, and got a very high torque/HP engine, maintain highspeeds @ low revs will be hard as the engine will not have sufficient force to fight friction.

    Haha..as for the Veyron....it's a purpose-built high performance road car. 7 Gears is more than enough..especially when you got 1000bhp, and top speed of 252mph. Anything more might get frowned upon by the auto-associations as Bugatti is a VWAG division now.

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