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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugs' started by BILLY IDOL, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Hey admin, your site has become a joke. Its constantly broken in some way. Every mod here has 7 accounts. The forum software is from 2002. Here are my ideas to help.

    Step one. Upgrade to a newer version of the forum software. Really.

    Step two. Open the mod forum to be viewable to everyone, since they keep saying we have no idea how much work they do to moderate the site, let everyone see.

    Step three. The mods here should have MODERATOR below their username.

    Step four. Delete multiple accounts from the same IP, keep only the one with the highest post count.

    Step five. Come up with some simple new guidelines for the mods to enforce. Like a warning before banning someone, and sending them a pm about why they were banned, and for how long, with a link to the offending post(s). Or a thread in the mod forum that everyone can see.

    Step six. Stop allowing people to harass and attack new members.

    Step seven. Delete threads full of jibberish and posts that are off topic and that waste space. Such as "hai guyz, whatz goin on in here, wannna touch mee down there?

    Step eight. A 50 post per day limit.

    Step nine. Stop closing threads and deleting posts when someone makes a thread in suggestions just because you don't like them. They obviously have an issue, and they deserve the right to talk about it. Instead of closing the thread and telling them to STFU. Discussion and communication is never a bad thing.

    Please feel free to add your own ideas on how to keep this place going and make it more active.

    Mods, please delete posts that go off topic.
  2. hey #$%# you guy how about step ten shut up
  3. Step one. Upgrade to a newer version of the forum software. Really.

    hell no. getting rid of vicious and his 1000 accounts would be good though
  4. Disagree with step 6 & 8
    Oh, and make me mod lol
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  6. Maybe we should ban BILLY IDOL so that when Mattco is banned for whatever reason he really can't post. Just a suggestion.
  7. This isn't about me or Mattco, its about all of us. We should all have to follow the same rules and be held to the same standards. I'm sure there are people who wouldn't be banned if there were real guidelines the mods followed, instead of just the general feeling in the mod forum of who they like or don't like.

    I'm sure you only have one account, right?

    Good job of throwing a stick away from the real issue and hoping people follow it. GOOD JOB.

    Feel free to explain why any of my points are good or bad, if you can muster the intelligence to do so.

  9. Boo hoo, you couldn't fit into the dynamic of the forum. I guess that's everyone's fault but yours. Maybe you should pay more attention to what really goes on here instead of fabricating some problems and whining about them.
  10. I'll bite on one point. What is it that really goes on here that I don't seem to understand?

    By the way, I do fit in, I've been here for 3 years in one form or another.

    And I'm not the only one who feels some changes need to be made, there are a bunch of threads complaining about the way things are compared to how it used to be.

    On everything else:

    Good job of throwing a stick away from the real issue and hoping people follow it.

    Feel free to explain why any of my points are good or bad, if you can muster the intelligence to do so.

    This is the suggestions forum, not the general LOLS forum, so lets try to have a real conversation here. This is a place we should all feel safe to talk about our feelings.
  11. The forum software doesn't exist outside of this website. There's no "newer version" to upgrade to.

    There's nothing in the mod forum that would be of any interest to anyone. It's been used as a direct line to admin (didn't work) and is otherwise used so all the moderators know what all the moderators are doing.

    Yeah, whatever about having MODERATOR under the moderator's username. You're the only person on this website who cares.

    There aren't as many multiple accounts as you think. Most are used as a joke/ out of necessity/are obvious. Newsflash: VICIOUS doesn't have 5000 accounts. Maybe you should pay more attention to what goes on here.

    You get harrassed because you're an annoying piece of shit who thinks he knows what's best for all of us. STFU, grow a pair, and if you don't like it there's always maximum-attack.

    There's now a 100 post per day limit. PAY ATTENTION.

    Threads in the Suggestions forum are usually closed when the issue is resolved, and threads are rarely deleted, and if they are it's because the topic is being/has been discussed elsewhere.

    Anything else, Mattco, or is your "being a lady" session over?

  12. 1. Looks like vbulletin V3.0 to me, but I could be wrong.

    2. It would allow people who want to know what they were banned for to find out, since the mods don't feel the need to tell them. It would force them to site a specific action as the reason.

    3. Every other forum does this, it lets people know who is in charge, I guarantee there are tons of members who don't know who is a mod and who is not, and makes sure they get the respect they deserve and have earned in the forums. Instead of letting them argue with someone then banning them when they get bored.

    4. Once again, what is this thing that "goes on here" that you keep saying people don't get?

    5. 100 posts a day is still a lot, maybe 50 is a little low, I'll give you that.

    6. "Threads in the Suggestions forum are usually closed when the issue is resolved, and threads are rarely deleted, and if they are it's because the topic is being/has been discussed elsewhere."

    Patently false, unless by resolved you mean banning the person who posted it. I'm pretty sure by tomorrow someone will close this thread and/or ban me, because that is the way here, even though I'm offering constructive criticism. I'm not saying I'm defending his actions, but I've seen mc777 get his posts edited and threads deleted for voicing his displeasure at how he was being treated, and that's just not right.

  13. points 2 3 and 6 are all the type of thing that goes on here.

    realistically none of us really give a shit and let most everything roll as it happens. and if you can't do that maybe you should find another site.
  14. You don't see what my point is. I'm all for letting it roll, going with the flow and letting people argue their shit out, etc. As long as everyone gets to do it. When you get banned for doing what everyone else does, that's where the problem is. I don't think we need stringent rules, just a few simple ones.

    1. No porn, keep it safe for work.

    2. Give people shit, but don't let it get serious, like calling someone a stupid #$%#, #%$got, etc. #$%# you or #$%# off is acceptable, as long as thats the end of it.

    3. Don't ruin a serious thread, if its about the size of some girls cans or what you should do about your cheating GF, then go nuts, but if its serious or technical then keep the jibberish out.

    Break those rules, get a warning. Break them again, get a week banning. Break them again, its 30 days. After that, its up to the mods.

    What is wrong with this? I love this place, it has so much potential, and I hate to see it going away.
  15. Im a moderator and I would prefer people not be able to tell that because they would bug me with tons of stupid shit all day. The mod staff on this particular forum is rather lenient and most members like it that way. The culture on this board has developed through time to become very unique and understood to have a distinct and predictable level of sarcasm and humor to it. If you want to take foruming seriously, this is not the place to be.

    The only real point you have made is #1, and the software does need to be upgraded, but it is nevertheless scratchbuilt custom code.
    the mod forum isnt crazily busy or anything, but it serves its purpose to explain who was banned and why to the rest of the mods, as well as vote on members we plan on banning. there is also the PM system for banned members to ask why they were banned, but honestly I think most people know exactly why they get banned.

    We also dont simply delete things we dont agree with. It usually takes a thread getting way out of hand or just plain stupid for it to be deleted. We dont pick on Mclaren or anyone specifically, though individual moderators might, but thats up to their discretion.

    We look at IP #s and make decisions whether to ban multi accounts or not based on how much the account is used or if it is used to spam. Most multiple accounts are joke accounts and these are fine.

    The whole reason this board maintains its popularity is BECAUSE we dont over moderate. If you cannot handle that, there are a million other places you can go.
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    I understand about being bothered, but thats what comes with being a mod, you have to take it or leave it.

    When I was banned, I wasn't told why, and pming mods got me no response at all, so maybe there should just be a locked thread somewhere everyone can read that shows who was banned and why.


    This entire thread is a troll, but when I posted a photo of two trolls to call attention to that fact in a way I thought was funny, my post gets deleted.

    Certain members do get treated poorly by mods, I know its not all of you, or even most of you, but its a few, and you all let them get away with it. When someone says they have a problem, it gets deleted or they get banned.

    I don't want over moderation, just like I said above, just consistent moderation, everyone held to the same standard. You act like you are above reproach, but I've seen you personally bully a member and repeatedly call them a fAGGOT.

    When I was Mattco, I found out I got banned for insulting someone I didn't know was a mod, we were both guilty of it, but he got bored and banned me, while he just kept on, and I couldn't get a response from anyone as to what I did until admin unbanned me. I made a thread to ask what I did in a serious manner, and got banned again.

    The account I had before Mattco never got banned, I was the same person, but some of you decided you didn't like me and I got banned for the slightest thing.

    All I ask is that you treat everyone the same, and that there is a place to see why someone was banned, that is all. I don't think that's out of the question.

    And unban Mattco and anyone else who didn't do anything actually bad.

    That is all.
  18. Hi I'm a mod and would like to reply to the first post:

    1: Perhaps necessary. If this forum runs correctly there are no issues, of course. As you might have read, the server basically blew. The software itself is ok.

    2: It's being kept closed for a reason. If a decision concerning an account is pending, all we don't want is to have this very same topic discussed in General Chat and see things go way out of hand. Members tend to get targeted, taunted, etc. when it becomes common knowledge someone is being kept an eye on more closely. Not that this happens often, as we're generally pretty lenient in our actions.

    3: And police officers shouldn't drive civilian vehicles. Oh wait, that's probably why.

    4: That's a problem. Many accounts went corrupt. Think of snub disphenoid or Corks Comeback. These accounts don't work anymore, yet have more posts then the accounts they are using at the moment. Shit, same goes for me right now. IP's change over time too.

    5: We're pretty lenient and let people get away with a lot. It's not some kind of e-police state to begin with. If people don't know why they are banned, they could always PM a moderator. You can find moderator names in the FAQ sticky thread in this forum. Usually it's awkward they don't know, however. I haven't really seen a case that isn't pretty #$%#ing obvious for a long time now. Porn and spam are instant bans. When people are offensive to others, there usually is some time to see whether it's occasional or happens pretty often. In your case, it happens pretty often.

    6: Please use the report function for this. We're not everywhere constantly. If you notice this happening, we get a message about it as soon as you report it. Please specify the reason and the post number. That would make it much easier for us.

    7: No. Apparently people like these threads. I don't like threads about sandwiches. Should I delete these then? Don't think so. I also don't care about cats. Man, I'd have a field day deleting everything I didn't like. Accept other people's tastes.

    8: That's for admin. But I personally think it's a bad idea. It has been implemented to avoid spamming (too much). 100 posts is peanuts for some. It was an emergency move because there is some severe spamming going on in the individual car forums.

    9: If you disagree about this, report the thread with your question or PM a moderator.

    And I don't delete any post that goes off topic.
  19. 1. You're wrong

    2. When it's not painfully obvious (porn, spam, etc.), we send out a PM to whoever is banned by the moderator that has banned a user. Of course we have to rely on the PM system actually operating. It could be a sum up of reasons over time. If someone is offensive consistently, but in a milder form than someone being offensive only once, well, do your maths. There are no strict rules anyway.

    3. Discussed in my previous post.

    4. We anally penetrate eachother on the regular, you don't.

    5. It's about the purpose, and the 100 posts limit serves it well.

    6. You don't offer a whole lot of constructive criticism. I'm personally the kind that likes to work with actual examples. I see "this happens and that happens". Yeah, ok. Apparently it does. We can't read everything. As for his posts being edited: that's low indeed, unless it's very offensive originally. As for them being deleted: there's probably a good reason for it. I don't see examples, I'm sorry I can't give a proper reply to this.
  20. "When I was Mattco, I found out I got banned for insulting someone I didn't know was a mod, we were both guilty of it, but he got bored and banned me, while he just kept on, and I couldn't get a response from anyone as to what I did until admin unbanned me. I made a thread to ask what I did in a serious manner, and got banned again."

    Even if he wasn't a mod you would have gotten banned for it. We don't ban only in case one of us (moderators) is insulted or irritated. Nowhere is it said he "got bored". Again, if we were to ban everyone that bores us, we'd have a field day. I seriously hate it so much when people state things like these when they're absolute bollocks. If you have a complaint? Fine, shoot, but don't make up things that don't exist. We don't ban people because they bore us. As for the topic that happened to be deleted (was it here?), let me look it up.
  21. Alright, you've been unbanned by admin that time because he isn't to keen on reading why certain people have been banned. It's called undermining. Same happened with mclaren777 once. Or twice.

    At the time of your banning, the PM system was down. I checked my old PM's, but other than you referring to moderators as - I quote - "#%$s", I didn't really see anything about the case. You actually even replied in your own thread about why you were banned.

    A brief recap
    you: why was I banned?
    AMGrulz: site hacked/harka etc.
    Moo: not because of the hacking
    you: why then? I made no inappropriate or inflammatory posts
    you: big surprise, no reply by any mod
    - I guess we're supposed to reply immediately, or within 2 hours in this case -
    Big Rob: *quotes the I made no inappropriate etc. line* and states that you apparently did
    Moo: Doesn't want to deal with people that are in denial. You were inappropriate.
    V8stangman: Don't insult and you won't get banned
    VICIOUS: You've had your explanation, calm down for a few days

    That is the explanation. Now don't make me go through this hassle again, please. I've had enough of this bullshit of yours now already again. And that does not mean I'm "bored". We did answer it.
  22. "And unban Mattco and anyone else who didn't do anything actually bad"

    Yeah, ok. No.
  23. lol that would make sc.net a dull place really.
  24. Oh yeah, and the forum software is from 2004 (that's when we made the switch from v2 to v3) and not every mod has seven accounts. In fact, the majority of moderators only has one or two.

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