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    Hey, xler8, don't worry man I topped my 9000 at just over 210km/h and it was perfectly fine, just don't try turning at higher speeds with this car, I raced a probe and i spun out doing an intersection turn at about 90 and he made it no problem, my suspension was :( drifts so easy! besides that, great car, first day i got it I peeled it on a really steep driveway, stayed in one spot (no handbrake) for like 15 seconds
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    02 models look better <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
    WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS CAR ?<!-- Signature -->
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    The 94 model are better. 93 models have the long block engine. The newer have the short block. The short block have a better cylinderhead and crankshaftposition sensor. If you tune it to the max, you can probably get out about +1000 hp.
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    yea, the 9000's are nice, i drive one myself. its a '95, i love it. for something not German, its very nice.
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    i gotta say the 9000's look a lot better than the 900's. i do own a '93 9000cs, and although i can only peel out on sand or ice, i still love the car. don't trust it over 100mph though, i'm afraid the damn thing might fall apart.<!-- Signature -->
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    Saabs are awesome, especially the Aeros/Turbos. The reason your 93 9000 wont let loose on pavement is because of the mandatory traction control system. This system is always on and cannot be switched off. Although useful in harsh conditions, this can easily deprive the driver of fun and rob the turbo of its ability to produce power to the wheels. 93 was the only year in which it was mandatory and unswitchable. It was non-existant in 91/92, switchable in 94/95, and was discontinued in 96.<!-- Signature -->
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    hey when i saw cheap speed, i thought you meant it was a poorly built car
    but i have finally found a couple of guys that really appreciate saabs<!-- Signature -->
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    the 02 models are 9-5s and they look nice
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    9-5s are much better built to...

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    Yes the 9-5 is a good car.
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    I've owned an '87 9000S for a bit over 2 years now. It just clicked over to 234,000 miles. Great cars, can't wait 'til the day comes that I can afford a newer Aero model. I would love to have one to hot rod.
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    The new 9-3 is real nice too
    Check it out if you cant afford a 9-5, it look real nice
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    This cars awsome!
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    Yes the 9000 is an excellent car,but mines better
    You can get more info here www.saabscene.com if you like Saabs
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    My friend jsut bought a 1995 saab 900 its fast for a good price,he topped it out at 146 mph.not bad for a non altered car
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    Don't ever trash SAABs. I've got a '95 9000cs, the low-pressure turbo model. that engine spools up 170 horses not too far into its powerband, and torque is more impressive, near 200 lb-ft. before 3000 rpms. There is an incredible kick in power from 2500 all the way up to about 5700, with a sweet exhaust note from 3000 to 4500. Not to mention that Swedish attention to interior detail. Most comfortable seats I've sat in today in a car under $30,000, and it doesn't even have leather! The five speed manual has good feel and throw, if a bit soft. Though it would be nice to have an Aero (while 170 is still better than my mom's brand new '03 accord, that plus the SAAB has low-end boost), 55 more hp sounds mighty appetizing.
    Also, while I haven't topped it out yet, this car performs nicely on twisties, and runs 0-62mph in about 7.5-8 sec.
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    oh yea, and did I mention that it's got over 134,000 miles and still goin strong?
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    Nope, my dad has a '97 9000, 110k miles, never had a single problem except for a broken tape deck....

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    9000 AERO.....CHEAP SPEED

    Ok, I just got an Aero(93 not too long ago. Do the US market Aeros come with AWD standard???????
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    no, to date no Saab has ever been AWD or 4 wheel drive. the 9000 is actually superior in build quality to the 9-5 as the first gen 900 was superior to the GM900, first gen 9-3 and second gen 9-3. The 9-5 aero is also heavier than the 9000 aero, and is not a hatchback. looks are nice on the new cars though, although the new 9-3 convertible is kinda slow and looks like a solara. my current car is a 1990 9000S which i just had the engine out of in my garage to put a new clutch into. While i was doing that i also decided i was bored of natural aspiration and decided to get a 1987 parts car for dirty cheap and am almost done converting my car to a turbo car with the parts from the '87. The older 9000's have garrett T3 water cooled turbos. The turbo cars are lower compression so i can only run boost up to 7-8lbs, although the real turbo cars can run up to 20lbs of boost on a good day. they also have APC (auto performance control) which controls boost based on knock and fuel cutoff so one can safely run as much boost as possible up to the knock limit. they are really innovative and well performing cars, although the 9000 aero could even stand to use some suspension and brake upgrades which are actually fairly available for a car of its rarity. fun, fast, and unique. did i even mention comfortable? oh yea, and they last forever, i have 204,000 on mine (and its really clean) and i know a guy im milwaukee with a 1987 9000 turbo with over 800,000 miles. yes, 800,000 miles. so yea, its my firm belief that the un-General motors-tainted 9000 is built better than the 9-5 which is partially GM's doings.
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    I;ve opened my eyes to Saabs and I gotta admit. Thats GREAT hpo for the day. Why dont we hot rod more Saabs more often.
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    I can tell you now i never even thought about owning a saab until i was given one as a company car it was a 01 95 Aero estate and all i can say is theres nothing i like more than putting my foot down and hearing that lovely turbo kick in....Always seems to put a smile on my face <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    Yeah, I hear you all. I own a '94 900SE Turbo and I gotta say, its so hard not to push down on the gas so often. I remmember driving on the interstate and when I hit 5th gear and kept the gas down about half way, the car just kept flying and the numbers kept rising without any slow down. Truely an amazing car with incredible speed.

    Its a great car to have and costs alot cheaper than a Civic with about 50hp less and slow acceleration (no fun), lol. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  25. just got a 9000 aero here in the uk i paid 6000 sterling for it and it is 1993 with an unbelievable 20,000 miles on the clock (genuine too, the car is not even run in) when you consider this car cost 32000 when new, i think ive done pretty well.

    to drive it is awesome, it has the performance of a suburaru imprezza turbo (the midrange punch is great, it is so quick) and the luxury of a lexus. Not only that it looks great too IMO. I think you would struggle to find a car as cheap that offers the performance, build quality and luxury of a 9000 aero and they aint going to get any cheaper either than what they are at the moment. Buy one now while you can a true classic.

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