90's Top Gear: Ford GT90

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    For me this car is nostalgia. As a small kid, this was my favorite concept car

  2. Such a wicked car, I wish they made it. NFS 2 FTW
  3. so sad they never took it into production
  4. so sad they never took it into production
  5. I think I saw the GT90 at some car show way back when. It's neat.
  6. So who made it Ford US or Ford Europe?
  7. Yeah, so did I.. it was paired up with that red/black Ford Indy prototype, which I found pig disgusting, but the GT90's hot
  8. the Indigo?
  9. eys yes yes that's what I meant
  10. I think the Indigo looked/looks awesome, I mostly remember it from Need For Speed II SE.
  11. sega gt 2002

    great memories
  12. GT90 sucked IMO. way less cool than the CERVIII.

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