911 Sportec GT1

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    good but mclaren still beats it overall.

    McLAren OWNS YOU<!-- Signature -->
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    I woulden't say that FAG, because it better than both MClaren in some categories. GT1 over Mclaren any day
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    Doc.... you gotta remember that the GT1 is Twin turbo. makes a big dif. Mcleren was goin for more of an f1 type setup. that sportec is damn tight though.<!-- Signature -->
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    you have to remember two things, the F-1 was built to be the fastest street car, and it used a detuned street version of BMW's F1 engine at the time.<!-- Signature -->
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    Very nice car, great power and unstoppable racing heritage. I'll take 3
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    awsome car.....if i get one billion then......
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    Can't be. I'm not sure but I don't think there's a V12 in Formula 1. Is there?
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    Can't be. I'm not sure but I don't think there's a V12 in Formula 1. Is there?
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    BMW designed an entirely new engine for the F1, it's not formula 1 derived at all. And Gordon Murray wasn't going for the top speed record. If he was doing that, why did he only ask BMW for 550hp and they gave him 627. 550 i believe is the same as the xj220, and if you're trying to beat a record you go for more hp, not the same.
  11. The Sportec GT1 takes it overall.There have been a lot of conflicting performance figures all over the net for it,some better some worse.Logically it should beat it.The porsche GT1-R routinely beat the Mclaren f1 GTR as did Mercedes CLK-GTR so the Sportec with more power speed better power/weight ratio and specs in general would be no different.It would kick the McLarens ass.
  12. No it doesnt actually
  13. You are a moron, This would DESTROY the MCLaren F1

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