911 Turbo Dreams = Owned

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Amazing Asian, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Lookie what I accidently stumbled upon, looks like your girlfriend is a fabrication.

    here is where he claimed she is his girlfriend

    attached is his ownage, handed down by me.

    pathetic, I realize it's not great I found her picture while searching up porn but this isn't about me haha.

    1st is apparently her pictures
    2nd is where else I've seen it

    looks like she's got a lot of explaining to do eh?
  2. Wow, you really need to get a life.
  3. why? it was random.
  4. You still bothered posting it.
  5. um its the internet. welcome to the LIES
  6. it's more usefull than most the things here, STFU.
  7. asl
  8. How so?
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    and i dont see any ownage/pron proof
  10. I predict that 911TD will hijack this thread by coming out of the closet
  11. 42/m/neverland u???
  12. Hardcore, but you should really post some other pics of her to prove it.
  13. With that name he's obviously gay.
  14. Fo real, also post her name AA
  15. 8/konfuz3d/k mart dressing room
  16. let me get this straight.

    he took a pic off a porno site and you just happened to stumble upon it.
  17. Don't we all stumble upon porn, with our right hand?
  18. lol ur pantz r half off
  19. come be the man in my mirror
  20. Hahah post porn linx
  21. its only a matter of time untill he comes in here saying he smokes cock
  22. i don't know it.
  23. linx dammit

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