911 Turbo Dreams = Owned

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  1. *sexual reference to carnival fun mirrors and my 7"-8foot cawk*
  2. Then post the link from the site. Seriously I've got about an hour dinner.
  3. That's pretty vintage spyder757 but it's funny/awesome.
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  5. WTF, where is proofs?
  6. HAHA. Ownages like this are always great.
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  8. Lol game over i reckon, suprised it went on this long.

    Explaination following

    For the past year i have been fabricating my identity to the fullest on this site, first it started as a desire to learn more about politics, cars, and religion. Soon it developed into more of a hobby talking on this site and i incorporated my personality into the game.

    I have slipped up several times but i must say it was worth it. All of the pictures i have posted on this site have been real of myself or my family members EXCEPT for this one. The funny thing is that is the pic of a girl a friend of mine CLAIMED he hooked up with in california. Looks like hes got some splainin to do as well.

    The real me:

    I actually do live in Baton Rouge/New orleans

    The pictures of the house that i posted are really the pictures of the house i live in, only it is with my parents.

    I am 16 years old

    The job i fabricated is actually the job of my father, who i work part time for.

    I am absolutley upsessed with cars.

    My real name is Ross Barnett

    I drive a 1996 BMW 325i that was passed down from my mom.

    I am actually straight and i have a girl friend

    Things that have changed about me since i joined here:

    I became a G.W. Bush-hater(mostly because i realized all he has done thanks to many arguements and articles).

    I became an atheist(to the dismay of my mother) due to the upsession on religious history i have dived into, sparked, yet again by arguements taking place here.

    I have become much more computer friendly, learning to use programs like winrar, bittorrent, and learning to get free porn(which my friends also thank you for) all sparked by this site.

    I have become a much better debater and, sparked (again) by the many great arguements I have read and even have begun to participate in.

    My grades have gone up in school. Due to many success/failure stories told on this site i cracked down on school and proudly boast an exellent 3.8 GPA.

    I am a master at the art of Tantra, which was reccomended on this site several times and i have recently finished my training and consider myself a master.

    I got more in shape and started to play golf and i play for the school team boasting a great 4 handicap.

    Many other things i have learned from this site has contributed to my everyday life.

    I worked hard for 4 monthes to buy a Canon Rebel XT which i finally bought a few weeks ago for the pebble beach concours.

    While it does sound sad(and is sad) that i made a whole new identity to sit here and talk to yall, but it really has contributed alot to my life and has provided many hours of entertainment.

    Thanks to all, i'm sure i wont be coming back as often any more(or atleast to talk) but no doubt i will continue to read and who knows i might pop in from time to time to say hello.


  9. That's pretty impy.
  10. I would also like to tell the truth.

    I'm a billionare
  11. Damn, i should have known.
  12. I wasn't expecting this impy move ... infact I'm still waiting for him to say that he likes brokebacks 24/7
  13. Now go hang yourself in your closit.
  14. I saved your life before your long term memory kicked in. Lets party.
  16. Haha sorry mate, truthfully you were one of my favorite members, even though you sparked my wild upsession with the Lamborghini Miura <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>, which i have gone through great trouble to see over the last year. And yet again i suceeded a few weeks ago.
  17. I like 2 move it - Reel 2 Real
  18. This is like getting tea bagged; unexpected and pretty unpleasant.
  19. I must say i am very happy about the way this went down. The girl i claimed was my girlfriend, a friend of mine claimed he hooked up with so tomorrow i will be giving him a call and have a laugh with him.
  20. Haha, this thread is #$%#ing great, it must be made of ownage and win.
  21. Great analagy. lol.
  22. Lying on the internet is as pointless as trying to smoke underwater

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