911 Turbo Dreams = Owned

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Amazing Asian, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Just one?!?!?

    He basically owns the ASX and is a high rolla with his E36 320i
  2. lawl, jing!
  3. Hahaha. Sc.net.
  4. This thread is epic. +1, AA.
  5. Holy crap wow. +1 AA. I always liked you.
    I can't say I'm suprised though.
  6. It's awesome.. but the landing strip is near the beach, because after all, it's a small island, where 747's still land.
  7. He's 16 and has a 325? Apart from that, yeah, pretty pathetic.
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  9. a 1996 325 is a pretty cheap car nowadays. Secondly, he inherited it. he didn't buy it. It's a hand down from his mum.
  10. little kindness goes a long way huh?
  11. For his dad.
  12. I read about it on wiki yes
  13. Whoever made that picture in your avatar was on LSD.
  15. haha i totally forgot about that too. the thing was, nobody really even cared about those threads. we were all just like...uh..ok great.

    There, it's posted.
  17. Damn u beat me to it ! upsecion !
  18. Insane thread +2 AA
  19. afaik it's part of the video for Tool - Schism
  20. thats my uncle's name!!!! :O
  21. AFAIK!?

    and that's an awesome song.
  22. as far as i know...
  23. holy cuss at all these internet terms.
  24. what did impy do?
  25. i cant believe i missed this thread.

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