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  1. Did not watch. Anyway, it's 9/11, not 911.
  2. you should, or remain blind.

    Also, do you really think V3 supports special chars in titles?
  3. i like the lies. they are comforting
  4. you sure do, you've already been filled a lot.
  5. Fairly believable. It just makes me sick believing it.
  6. it's true man
  7. Not going to start a debate thread.
  8. did not watch: this made me snicker to myself
  9. didn't bin laden already claim this shit?
  10. I thought you bought a 911 and I come in here to find this?

    god damn quebecer.
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    NB will come in and probably explain the chemical properties of Thermite in further detail, but my rather limited understanding is that it has metal and rust heat involved.

    What are the odds that traces of metal were found in the rubble of a building made essentially out of metal.
    Isn't that like saying that a house burnt down because they found traces of combustible timber in the rubble?
  13. where's grigio when you need him?
  14. The authors of the paper set out with a conclusion and looked for evidence to reinforce it. They found Al and Fe and instantly concluded that the "chips" were thermite, because thermite is made up of Al and Fe. Unfortunately, they did not properly rule out the fact that their "chips" were probably just paint chips. Paint also contains Al and Fe and was found in abundance in WTC dust samples.

    Additionally, the journal that this was published in is a pay-for-publish vanity journal, which means it's at odds with proper peer-review journals. Conclusion: BS
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    If you need proof, look no further

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    Yeah that's the conclusion I came to too, basicly oxidized aluminium and iron are the final products.
  17. i dunno guys What About Building Se7en?

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