944Turb0 got kicked out of his house yesterday...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Chaos446, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. if he doesnt want to work or finish school he should consider the military or prison.
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  3. Haha. The military!
  4. go fight that war he supports.
  5. He supposts it? Haha, PERFECT!!!
  6. As if you'd want him as a soldier
  7. Yeah he'd probably pussy out, but the he'd just have to peal potatos for 4 years at bayonette point, which would be perfect...
  8. That sucks, he should really try to go to an automotive trade school and get his shit together. What happened to the 944?
  9. Im typing from a RadioShack slowass internet station. Im gonna move to San Fransisco with my friend, later.
  10. SCORE! (you dirty hippy)
  11. Why does his dad care of he has a job in high school? I mean I could see if he wasn't in school. But that is just retarded.
  12. I gather he's graduated and living at home getting high all day and not having a job (which is what my brother tries periodically untill he realizes he needs a job to get money to get high - apparently 994s friends give him free weed or something...)
  13. 944 is 19 he got his GED, and was kicked out of his house for lying about having a job
  14. He's not in school.
  15. He could join Canada's military. It isn't like they do anything.
  16. Which requires Canadian citizenship?

    Its the foreign legion for this negro
  17. hhaha, sucks for him. Good luck to you though turbo. And his 944 is out of commision, (I think someone asked that).
  18. how did he get a camaro in the first place?
  19. he'll survive.
  20. Isn't San Fransisco more expensive?
  21. yes San Fran is an expensive place to live, but he is gonna be a bum and sleep on his friends floor
  22. Bumming space off a friend is free/requires sexual favors
  23. LOL. Watch him become a male prostitute... he's headed for the right place anyways...
  24. LOL, and a male prostitute is called a jigalo (sp.)

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