944Turb0 got kicked out of his house yesterday...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Chaos446, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. good luck, 944..the real world sucks, doesn't it?
  2. A gigilo (sp?) sleeps with chicks. He will suck cock for coke...
  3. But he can find a gay lover to take care of him.
  4. Do you think we'll see on the news that he took his Camaro too fast off the hills and crashed in the water?
  5. Living our of your Camaro in San Francisco sounds like a movie I've seen before...
  6. and he calls ME worthless?!!!
  7. You are. He was spot on with that observation.
  8. He fails life.
  9. What's hilarious is that he realized this for the longest time and did nothing...
  10. yeah im the lazy ass that dropped out of school and got kicked out of my house.....
  12. serves him right for lying, if he were my son, i woulda whooped his ass then kicked him out.
  13. Kickin him out is the #$%#in easy way out. I'd whoop his ass and MAKE him get a damn job. If I ever have a kid he better damn be sure do his shit or I will make his lazy ass. He wont just be "kicked out".
  14. No, you're just stupid and annoying.
  15. riight kinda like you..
  16. no, kind of like yourself.
  17. same ere.
  18. really im the one (ie khari) who says that you need to beat your kids senseless till they bleed and thinks that magik means making things appear out of thin air(or thinking that a person that studies occultism is wrong and hes right) and always flames constantly....
  19. I can't say that I knew he said to beat your kids senseless, but i imagined he was joking, if not, well, i dont really care.

    Seriously,I cannot remember you being annoying at all on V2, but here you really are.
  20. No, it's true. It works best with a hammer, but any blunt object will do, really.
  21. A bag of oranges does the job without leaving a lot of marking teachers and friends may question
  22. does he not have any friends he could have stayed with

    stupid question

    he has no friends

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