'96 Grand Sport vs. MKIV Supra ->STOCK

Discussion in '1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport' started by drivingerman, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. May I remind you of this:

    0-60 0-100 1/4 Mile Max Speed Skidpad
    '96 GS 5.2 12.4 13.7 164.9 0.88
    MKIV Supra 5.0 11.8 13.5 155.0 0.98

    The only place the Corvette wins is the max speed. My pick is the Supra. And don't argue about mods, because there's no limit and theres no numbers.
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    sorry, it's hard to make that look right. lets try this.
    #'s:0-60 / 0-100 / 1/4 Mile / Max / Skidpad

    Corvette GS / 5.2 / 12.4 / 13.7 / 164.9 / 0.88

    MKIV Supra / 5.0 / 11.8 / 13.5 / 155.0 / 0.98

    there it is. sorry.
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    Your Right, The supra is faster, and better looking(than this particular vette) I got no problem with admitting it.

    However, the vette has alot more potential, The Supra is all turbo's, And I know what your going to say, "Power is Power No matter where you get it from" And your right, I would have a Tough Time Defending the lingenfelter 427tt if I didnt agree with you.

    But look at it this way, playing with cams and intake, and exaust and things like that is a science, that is not always gauranteed to work, so it is alot more respectable when you can pull it off, Anybody can just slap a turbo on and have garuntee'd power, Its too easy, ANd I think alot of guy's around here would agree with me.

    And dont get me wrong Supra's are some of Japan's finest work, and I would get smoked in what I drive.

    Anyway, Please respond, Id love to argue with you, Nobody seems to ever talk on theese forums when I speak.
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    Fraid not


    "All Gerard DeSantis wanted to do was get his stock black Coupe into the 12s. That was his goal of the day. With the LT4's water temperature registering 185 degrees and with 24 psi in the rear tires, Gerard left the line at 4200 rpm and powershifted at 6500 rpm. Going through the traps in third gear, he ran a 13.00 ET at 107.13 mph, with a respectable 60-foot time of 1.96 seconds. Gerard didn't do any tuning to his Coupe between passes. He liked the way it hooked up and decided to leave everything status quo. On his second run, and with the engine temperature reading a higher 195 degrees, Gerard launched at 4500 rpm. The tires grabbed well, yielding a 1.93 60-foot time, resulting in a 12.95 at 104.89. Having achieved his 12-second goal, Gerard tried to lower his ET still further. After letting the engine cool down to 185, Gerard went out and backed up the run with a 12.94 at 104.89-his best effort of the day. The Vette hooked with a solid bite and he snagged a 60-foot time of 1.92."

    No doubt a set of drag radials on each car would have been a great help. As a result, the LT1 would probably see an ET reduction down into the low 13s, while the LT4 would hit mid-12s. But even in their stock form, the changes provided by the LT4 have shown positive results."

    There you have it, a totally stock LT4 Corvette running a 12.9.
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    well said
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    well said
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    Well i would take the Supra. U see these cars are quite similar Performance stats but the Supra is cheaper, Carries 2 more people, and i think it looks better.
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    The MKIV Supra TT Targa is $45,000. The Grand Sport Corvette is about $40,000.

    Looks are subjective.

    find me someone riding with 4 prople in the car while racing.

    And the Corvette is the better performer.

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    Where i come from (australia) it is cheaper.

    Trust me it definately does look better.

    Im talking in general.

    Not handling and exceleration-wise.
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    Well where I come from (America) it's cheaper.

    No I don't trust you, because you can't just trust people opinions. I happen to know what both of them look like too.

    And yes, a Grand Sport corvette with the Z51 suspension and the LT4 will absolutely rape a Supra. Care to try again rookie?
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    please note that at the very first post, I said NO MODS, theirs no limit to how far it can go. Looks are very subjective, my choice once again is the Supra, but performance is not based on looks. Obviously the price is not an issue, since it's different for both of you.

    I said stock for stock. look at the real numbers, not some redneck who spends all day wasting his tires. Care to try again junior?
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    Ok son, because you didn't take the time to do your homework I'll lay it out for you. Z51 suspension and the LT4 come STOCK on Grand Sport Corvettes. Just like a STOCK LT4 corvette pulled a 12.9, the STOCK Grand Sport will rape a STOCK Supra.
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    You know what, I didn't take the time to do my homework. I don't know everything about everycar. However I do know that the Supra is a full 100 lbs lighter than the GS, pulls a 0.98g, where the Corvette does a ripe 0.88. So if your cowboy in his corvette can nail a quicker 1/4 time once in the entire day, I'm not too worried. The Supra still keeps up just fine in acceleration. Might I also remind you, as I must with many americans, race tracks have turns. The Corvette might as well forfeit just to save face if it gets into a handling war with the Supra.
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    Seems that the slowest this cowboy ran in all of those runs was a 13.00, thats consistant dead 13's or high 12's.

    So skidpad is all there is to handling huh? The McLaren only pulls .86 on the skidpad, would you say the Supra is superior to the McLaren in terms of handling. Besides, skidpad varies. I've seen Supra numbers down to .92 and Corvette numbers up to .95, it all depends on the conditions.

    If you truly believe that a totally stock Supra will beat a GS around the track you need to check some track times. The Supra I will say posts some slightly better numbers. But overall the Corvette will win a track race.

    The numbers from this Motortrend test are from an LT-4 but NOT GS. It does have the Z51 but GS tires are bigger.

    LT4 Coupe
    0-60: 4.7, 1/4: 13.3 @109.7mph, 60-0: 119ft., lateral Gs: .91, slalom: 67.7mph.

    97 TT Supra
    0-60: 5.1, 1/4: 13.6 @ 106mph, 60-0: 115ft, lateral Gs: .94, slalom: 68.9mph.
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    well honestly, I'm satisfied. the Supra will win a few, but it does have to work. just out of curiosity, where did you get those numbers?
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    Those numbers are from Motor Trend.
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    On a dragstrip? yeah probably, bring your Vette on a race track with a lots of twist and we'll see what happens
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    Did you read anything that we already talked about? The Supra posts slightly better handling numbers than the corvette, but the corvette has a much better powerband. Expecially at low speeds, the torque difference between the two is no contest.
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    Ok well first off, I own a MKIII Supra . . . you would not want to haul 4 people around in it, it's not a very fun thing for the 2 people in the back, the front isn't bad at all, but the back is terrible. The Supra might has well been made just a two seater to begin with. I'm sure on the MKIV Supra the backseat is not any better than an MKIII. I don't know why yall are arguing so much about which one would be better . . . you can play by numbers all you want, both of these cars are very closely matched even by the numbers. The numbers are not what is going to win a race between the two, it is whoever is driving the two cars that are going to . . . just based on the fact that the two are pretty even. Whoever said take the two the track, as in turns, stop being stereotypical, cuz obviously you know nothing about the Grand Sport. The Grand Sport is a very good handling car, oh and wow it's an American car . . . a good handling American car, now there's a concept. The Grand Sport can hold it's own on the strip or the track. Coming out of corners, the Grand Sport will come out faster, just based on having more torque throughout it's powerband and it'll be alittle quicker straight off the line based on that too. But the Grand Sport and MKIV Supra are just too close to really say which would be better, so let two drivers go out and test 'em against each other and find out who wins that way, cuz that's the only real way to determine who would win between the two.
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    This is Corvette is pretty weak. I would pick a Supra over this Corvette wannabe.
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    Don't diss on the Corvette so much . . . the Grand Sport is a real nice car. I sure would like to have one. I think it would be a real good race between the two, I mean they are pretty evenly matched and all . . . like I've said before, the drivers would determine who would win between the two.
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    Bravo, very well said. I own a 96 Vette (not GS, but LT4), and I've driven a mkIV Supra. And you know what? It would come down to driver talent. Both fiercely quick, just different attitudes, thats all. I've beaten them, and I've lost to them. Who cares??
    Oh, yeah and that back seat, it's only there to keep the the Supra out of the 2 seater sprots car insurance category, just like the one in a 911.
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    Thank you. What color is your Corvette? I agree with you totally on the talent of the driver . . . and the thing is, why even debate it? Both of them are great cars and I would love to have both. The backseat is useless in the Supra, so freakin' small.
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    I read this whole thing and I'm impressed to see some of you actually get it.
    It's a tight race
    if your talking about a GS vs a twin turbo toyota Supra with an F40 style wing
    this makes for an interesting comparison. on one hand the Supras got twin turbos which need time to spool up verses a car that has torque on demand so there's a good chance that the corvette will emerge as the faster of the two overall coming out of the curve and down a straight. On the other hand the Supras F40 wing helps it out a lot around corners.
    and unfortunately the kind of help wing like this provides cannot really be displayed by a skidpad. chances are that the Supera will beat the corvette around the corners depending on how good is brakes are going into it.:
    but all and all it depends on the track, driver and the circumstances.
    however interesting this discussion may be the bottom line is that there is no clear winner. both cars are wonderful. personally speaking is hard to say which car I would choose I love them both but I must admit I'm not too fond of the corvette GS's bright red leather seats and red stripes on the fender.
    But if you really want to make it interesting list throw A 3000 GT VR-4 twin turbo
    300Zx twin turbo & every 911 Porsche carrera without a turbo in the mix.. also since your are at it lets shove a 350Z in there too.
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    MKIV Supra

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