'96 Grand Sport vs. MKIV Supra ->STOCK

Discussion in '1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport' started by drivingerman, Aug 14, 2002.

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    The GS can get going (on pure HP and Torque thank you) without the help of turbos and the time it takes for the turbos to spool up on the MKIV, the GS would be ahead anyways, but alas it does come down to driver talent, no matter which car is better..but I would have to go with the Corvette GS on this one..
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    Weak? Fool, this corvette is faster than everything up to now minus a Z06.
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    congrats your a moron. i would go with the supra. i love the C5 vette and would take it over the supra. but the style of the C4 is not as good as the supra.
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    I'm sorry, but this Corvette is not worthy of the legendary Grand Sport name. I'm sure it's an awesome car, but I think Chevrolet messed up by calling this a Corvette. A good Corvette is the ZO6, ZR1, Stingrays, L-88's, ZL1's, Grand Sports, etc. But this is one of the weakest Corvettes I have ever seen.
    This is no Corvette. It's just a mere sports car with a legend's badge.
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    Not really. The 97-present Corvettes were faster than this.
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    Actually according to hp you're incorrect. The LT-4 was underrated at 330 hp so as to not show up the new LS-1 motor. GM couldn't have their "older engine" outperform their new model. Dyno tests prove that these engines actually had at least 350 hp rather than the LS-1's 5 less at 345, and the dyno gave rwhp at around 330 to the ground. The LT-4 misinformation from GM is a well known at accepted at this point.
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    Not really, no 97-present corvette (minus Z06) could click off a stock 12 second 1/4 mile.
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    Did you even go to the link, have you been reading the whole thread? Do you know what year it is?

    You are clueless.
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    this corvette has a faster -100 speed than a c5 vette
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    I have seen some posts from incredibly stupid people and incredibly smart people.
    I'm not sure what drugs shadowangelofgod77 is on but apparently he has never looked at photos of a Grand Sport, much less specs. This car was an upgrade to stock Corvettes, sort of a limited edition intermediary between the stock Vette and the ZR1. While it doesn't quite compare to the Grand Sport of old, the 60s version was an all out racer, this one is streetable.
    I'm also irritated at the foreign morons who think that all American roads are straight and that the Vette is foremost a dragster. They must know nothing of suspension setup. The Corvette has had independent rear suspension its whole existence, and with IRS you can get at maximum 25% antisquat. Antisquat is the car's resistance to settling back on its rear while accelerating. Sitting back like that hinders the ability of the vehicle to transfer power to the wheels. A straight axle can grant you over 100% antisquat- the rear of the car actually raises under acceleration.
    However, IRS allows for much better weight transfer in cornering. Straight axles experience jacking, in which the inside wheel rises up and more force is on the outside wheel, decreasing traction.
    Thus, the Corvette, having only ever had IRS is specifically set up for the track, and any prick European who tries to say Vettes don't handle are obviously ignoring 50 years of IRS technology.
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    u know y the LT4 has a faster time to 100 than a c5...cause the LT4 intake flows more air than the LS1...(hence givin it the 6500rpm redline)...makin it better fo a higher speed car...that is y the rated 13.7 sec 1/4 but higher top speed than an LT1...and yea...well this discussion doesn't really make too much sense to argue an OHV V8 against a dual overhead cam twin turbo car...if anythin a ZR-1 vs. Supra would be a much better debate...the LT4 is still IMO better flowin than an LS1...i mean who couldn't like to have the potential of revvin their V8 to 7,000 rpm
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    According to 2 car simulator programs, on Nurburgring (sp) the difference if 5 seconds - Corvette takes the win.
    However do not take this for granted, as they do not allow suspension settings and such.
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    yes, there are a _few_ vettes (besides z06) C5s which can run 12 second quarters.

    I believe a few magazines have managed to pull it off, however they have been VERY high 12s, such as 12.96, etc.
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    again, no actual proof, but what the hell?
    I just loaded up a quick GT2 comparison of the 2
    the Vette Grand Sport around Tahiti road ran a 1:13.686 @ 219 km/h
    Supra RZ ran a 1:15.331 @ 216 km/h

    now this was taken on the 2nd lap, and I only raced 2 laps only. Yes, I could of improved the times if I did different racing lines.
  15. Did you pull these performance numbers out of your ass or something?. The Supra is no match for a Corvette, not even the LT1 powered vette would lose to a Supra.

    Supra's are simply overated.
  16. I just read some of the posts about these two cars and its so funny.You got guys who dont own either of the two cars make comparisons and kids getting track numbers off video games? I no people who drive Vws and Min Vans who think the could bet me in my Vette its all ego.I own a C4 96 Vette and Ive also worked in Japan for 3 1/2 years. Ive drivin R 32skylines Turbo Zs you name it. And in Japan they dont drive faster then 55mhp 95% of the time.My buddys even asked me which is faster and weve had the same aguements too.But those kind of people wont believe you they never will. The Vette is a faster car.The Supera will get the jump off the line on the start theres no arguement about that. The Vette has more toruqe more horsepower for top end.And Ive raced a Supera after 65mhp I passed the guy. Yes the Supera is fast but its not in the same legue as a Vette thats why the two dont race togather comepetitively.And Even Japanese people will tell you the Vette is faster so put down your video games and import tuner mags. The Vette has been a racer for over 60 years and its Americas first Muscle Car so if it wasnt a great car it wouldnt always be on the cover of Motor Trend Magazine all the time; the most Respectable and Truthful Car Magazine out there.Ichiban Corvette Sugoy daiyo thats Japanese for Corvette is number one!

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