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  1. I know the dauer has an excellent body design for racing, but wouldn't the fact that it has a roof pose a problem? The Mercedes and Porsches that flipped did so largely because there is lift over their roofs at speed simply because the arc of the top of the car is longer than the arc under the car. As good as those cars are, their areo isn't as good for downforce as that of an open cockpit LMP. Cars like the bentley are kind of an exception because the roof isn't any higher than that of an open top car... but it would still subtract from the ammount of downforce. So what is it that would make the Dauer an exception?
  2. A roof is a problem?
  3. A roof reduces drag. Which is one of the reasons why 20 years ago, Group C cars could go in eccess of 240mph, while today they have a hard time reaching 200.
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    Ughhhh!! I thought everyone knew this already. Yes... to both. It reduces drag, but it also subtracts from downforce. I didn't make this up off the top of my head you know... here's an article:


    ... Also, just to clarify, I'm not trying to figure out wether or not a dauer can actually match lmps... I'm pretty certain that it wouldn't. I'm just trying to expand on why.
  5. The roof on the Bentley looks just as high as on a Group C car to me.

    Why would you think that the Dauer would be an exception? Its roof is higher than a Group C car's roof.
  6. That was my point... it isn't an exception.
    I guess the bentley is just better because the aero is years ahead... but it's still probably not as good in the corners as an open car. The straight speed helps make up for it and less drag means less fuel consumed...
    So the dauer is years behind AND it's a closed cockpit. The power helps, but it's probably not enough.
  7. ...and from 2008 LMP2 race will have a roof as well!
  8. the Bentleys were pretty much like the Group C cars (and so got sacked as well)
  9. drag coefficient of the Dauer 962 LM is just 0.3, don�t know about the LMP2 cars
  10. LMP's can match the dauer in turning, braking and at acceleration but the problem with most LMP's are its speed the most they can go are slightly above 200 MPH, the dauer will win
  11. No, they will outhandle the Dauer.
  12. really!!! because i saw in forza motorsport that the handling of most LMP's were great rating it from 0 to 10 (best). the highest i saw in an LMP car was a 9.4 while the dauer 962 not the 962 LM!! had a 9.8 and the dauer is pretty much the best supercar ever made. and if it is true no shit!!! by a little. probably, they also have better acceleration than the dauer by like .1 to .3 sec. max and ALSO probably brake better by a little. by the way in forza motorsport it had better handling. this game by far is the most accurate and best racing game along with Gran Turismo 4, probably better than GT4. but Forza Motorsport 2 will come soon!!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  13. Seriously, dont take Forza for a fact.

    The only game that can be considered to be worth mentioning in this discussion is GTR2, and it doesnt have LMPs. As much as I like Forza, its not even close to a true simulator. The 962's roof reduces drag by a lot, but also creates lift. This helps it go a lot faster in the straight lines, but in the turns, it will be quite a lot slower than the recent open-cockpit LMPs, such as the Audi R10, which will obliterate the 962 in any turn imaginable.

    The Bentley Speed 8 isnt an exception either, its roof does create lift as well. I guess it has (had?) an amazing design to be able to keep up with the competition, because that would pose a huge problem in the turns, I guess it made up for it in some other way.
  14. "I guess it made up for it in some other way"

    You already answered your own question. It reduces drag.
  15. Still, I dont recall it doing massive speeds above the competition either.
  16. Do you know the Bentley's top speed? How bout the Audi's?
  17. I have no idea about either, we dont get that stuff over here, only boring F1.
  18. LMP2?s are very limited in top speed, less than 300 kph!
  19. your probably right, the stats are not as accurate as i thought, especially top speeds
  20. your probably right, the stats are not as accurate as i thought, especially top speeds
  21. Porsche RS Spyder that won the LMP2 class and can achieve a top speed of 174 miles per hour on the track, 0-100 mph in 5.3 secs.
  22. better than gay NASCAR!!!
  23. The OLD Circuit de la Sarthe is the only track in the world where cars would reach 200+ mph. On a modern race track, top speed wouldn't matter. Modern LMP cars have better tire, break, and aero technology. They would smoke the Dauer by braking later and carrying more speed through the corners. No contest. This is like comparing the F40 to the Enzo. Sure, the F40 is quicker in a straight line, but it can't keep up with a modern supercar in the corners.
  24. Plus another car that falls in line with the 962 GTLM is the McLaren F1 GTR its roof also appears to just as high as the Group C race cars, as well.

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