962 vs. modern LMPs

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  1. How do you think it would fair against something like an audi r8 or courage c60.. or porsche rs spider, etc..? Hopefully this is a more interesting comparison than the "dauer vs olds" bit.
  2. the 962 LM still would be competive to the current LMP1/2 racers due to the limited aerodynamic packages of the modern ones. The 962 was banned due to its improved aero package.
  3. Banned for the aero package!? That bites. I'm sure there are alot of coinciding laptimes that would put things in perspective, but I know no sources on such. What kind of a gap are we talking about in terms of compared laptimes?
  4. Group C had less restrictions than the modern LMP1 cars. Hell, the R8 had to have special restrictions so that it wouldn't run away from the competition (as much). I'm sure that with a few modern-day tweaks, a Group C car can take on an LMP1.
  5. Group C cars still achieve much higher top speeds and cornering speeds than the LMPs
  6. Are you sure about the cornering speeds?
  7. 3g, yes!
  8. 3G in what corner? A car will not pull the same amount of lateral G loads in each corner, you know...

    Super GT cars are pulling almost that much in the "130R" corner at Suzuka and they are no where near the same level as sportscar prototype racers.
  9. WOAH! 3Gs? No offense, but lets see a link.
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  11. Dang... but that article did say that super gt times are rivaling that of formula 3000 cars. What would really be conclusive would be to get info on the skidpad of that new Porsche lmp or something else that we know is under testing that would disclose such info.
  12. How would that be conclusive? Different cars will pull different lateral-G in different corners. A car can pull more lateral G in a small radius corner than another car, but also might pull less in larger radius corners. It all depends on how the car is set up.
  13. Well, like I said earlier, there are probably coinciding laptimes... and maybe coinciding research.
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    MidOhio hasn't been modified since the late 80s. The newer 962s that raced there in the early 90s were running lap times around 1:14. Current LMP2s are almost that fast, and the LMP1s are around 1:11.

  15. YES! That's what I was looking for! Thank you MPG.
  16. You're welcome thunderbunny. Please note that the early 90s were the latter years for racing 962s, so those should be the fastest IMSA 962s. The ones on the other side of the pond may have been a little faster. Mosport is a track that's never been modified, so its lap times are good to look at if you're curious about older cars. If you're curious about how the 917/30 compares to newer cars, it's not even as fast as a 935.
  17. Thanks mpg for the link!
  18. Now, that's putting things into perspective, man d*mn!!

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