997 GT2 vs. Murcielago LP-640 at the track

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ajzahn, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Online calculator and Sport Auto's graphs (using Lamborghini's own data) vs a Lambo driver who apparently can't get even a single shift right...hmmm, that's not a tough decision.

    Like I said, inconclusive. You are comparing apples and oranges.
  2. Like I said, if you have to carefully pick your shift points so that the LP640 doesn't lose, how much faster is it really?

    Read again:
    "And from 80-160 kmh (the closest approximation of your initial 50-100 mph interval which you were saying is the more common everyday test of performance), the Porsche is slightly faster still, by 2/10ths. From 80-200, they are dead even and that's even with the Porsche having to complete an extra gearshift that the LP640 does not. For all intents and purposes, based on this test, there is nothing between them."

    Are you seriously arguing against that last sentence? You yourself chose the criteria about what is more important in everyday driving. Why not own up to the fact that the LP640 just isn't faster in the criteria that you yourself chose?
  3. are you guys really arguing over like .2 seconds on a magazine test?


    do you think it really matters in the real world?

    On a cold day the GT2 will win, on a hot one the LP would prolly win in a drag race. Deal with it.
  4. Hockenheim shorttrack
    powercar track layout is different to sportauto tracklayout, the reason why sportauto clock faster laptimes.

    red line is sportauto layout
    light blue is powercar layout


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