9ff GT-9 - they finally made it: 409 km/h

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. for some reason the number 980hp is sticking out in my mind. I could be wayyyy off though so don't take my word for it.
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  3. A skateboard with a rocket attached to it would go faster. This is shit and lame compared to the veyron.
  4. i actually agree with panda......this car is not very attractive at all........the front looks bland and stretched, and the rear looks unfinished.......it was simply built to hit a number without much concern for anything else......might as well be a one-off bonneville salt-flat car.

    the veyron accomplishes the same speed while being much classier and refined, and not looking like a russian/baltic bodyshop screwed up a porsche.
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  6. I want that engine in a aero modified cayman.
  7. it's the ugliest machine next to the 2CV lol
  8. I always read that you guys compare this car with the veyron. But you always forget that the veyron has been build by Volkswagen and they spent 300 000 000 Euros into the development of the car. So it is absolut normal that the veyron looks this high quality. It also nearly 3 times more expensive than the GT9.

    And I am sure that 9ff got a different Concept behind the car than the Bugatti designers. The GT9 is not a high-powered luxury rocket. It is more a racecar for the street.

    The GT9 is still a prototype. The final version of the car will have a rearskirt and much more carbon on the rear.

    The only area where you can compare those cars is the performance.

    Kind regards Enes Canay
  9. You can't honestly say a car with 980hp but that goes from 0-60 in over 4sec is a street race car. Even in that the Veyron wins. And I can bet that in the first corner it would go straight ahead. Which the Veyron wouldn't either. Building a car just for top speed regardless of everything else is just retarded. VW spent 3000000000000000000000000000 euros but at least they developed a mechanical and technical masterpiece. It costed 3x more but it can do over 3x more!
  10. thus they are at least on par
  11. You and I are clearly looking at different vehicles because that looks like a kit car to me.
  12. It's impossible for any kitcar to look good. It's like the 12th commandment or something.
  13. if they cant even get the rims to look right, what chance is there the whole car would?
  14. The rims do look right.
  15. Nothing about it does.

  16. Only in top speed. Nothing else.
  17. Oh no it's a longer, sleeker 911!! The world is turned upside down! Up is west white is left!! Whatever shall we do?!
  18. Or we have different tastes, which is in our cases extremely likely
  19. Looks like a european idea of the SCC
  20. Believe me ... the GT9 got nearly nothing to do with a Porsche997. The only detail is the front lights and the hood, which has been taken from a 997. The rest is total new engineered.

    And the car looks much more better in real than on photos. But it is like everything in life ... tastes are different ... and it is good that they are. Otherwise we would all drive the same car ;o))))
  21. the 0-60 is unimpressive due to a massive lack of grip. 1000 hp on a 2800 pound car is never going to be that great from a dig. You never do 0-60s on a racetrack.

    and I bet that this car would embarass a veyron on most racetracks. 9ff was an offshoot from RUF of people that thought he wasnt hardcore enough. They know how to make a car turn.
  22. Honestly, I'd be surprised if this thing would embarass a Veyron on any track. The Veyron can actually put its power down. This thing is a German SSC Aero.
  23. FFR GTM is in violation then
  24. haha wtf, tape up the panel gaps on a Veyron and it'll go faster too
  25. The SSC goes fast around track too, I bet. It just looks like ass, and you could give yourself a concussion on the interior materials.

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