a 4-speed?

Discussion in '1991 Bentley Continental R' started by FireBird175, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. i wonder why maybey coz its not fast enough
  2. Re: a 4-speed?

    u honestly think its meant to go fast? lol
  3. Re: a 4-speed?

    doesnt matter, how much gears does a dragster have... 1, the amount doesnt matter, stupid kid, if you had enough torque you could drive in 6th 24/7
  4. I can't believe how little the posters on this site know. Not fast? I had a 1990 Turbo R. WITH A 3 SPEED. Top speed was almost 150 mph. 1st/ L was good for 60 mph

    The car has so much torque that you don't need to keep shifting gears to be in the band. But then again the majority of people haven't got a clue about torque. In 2 tons of car that torque gives it presence.

    AND THE REAL KICKER mine had a short WB which meant it was as easy to parallel park as a honda.


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