a bike helmet even w00t would hate

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  2. > and it's also subtle and blends in with what else you are wearing.
    > and it's also subtle
    > subtle
  3. id probably wear a black one
    and a black one of these helmets too
  4. I'd wear it inflated all the time
  5. Did Lagy Daga design this helmet?
  6. I thought w00t hated all bike helmets?
  7. Those neck braces look worse than a helmet actually.
  8. nah, if you go mountainbiking or you ride the #$%#ing tour de france then i'm ok with it. then it makes sense. in an urban evironment? that's just stupid.
  9. why does it make sense in the tour de france when the roads are closed
  10. because you go like 40-80kmh an hour?
  11. every single time i ride my bike i top 40km/h
  12. wear a helmet
  13. but you couldnt comprehend that because you live on a fart
  14. i've seen some pretty nasty spills in tour de france when there were no cars anywhere around.

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