A couple of Soviets climb in Shanghai

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    Yes, a link thread but worth watching:

  2. Wow that was terrifying to watch
  3. The building below them is 492m tall.
  4. I don't understand how their feet didn't slide out from under them on that steel grate while they walked up the crane, that was a steep pitch.
  5. Yeah I shit myself while watching this. Got the stomach drop the whole time basically
  6. I like videos
  7. a big part of me would like to do that
  8. srsly

  9. Shanghai person is buirld a couple of new considerable length house after last visit maybe
  10. large china city
    large blue sky
    china propoganda working hard again
  11. The layer of smog created by 20-something million cigarettes is visible in both pictures
  12. The 2013 national cigarette day saw small particle levels climb to 500ppm:
  13. That's 490ppm more than you can handle.
  14. Makes my palms sweat just watching, but if I was there in real I'd probably be OK for some reason
  15. Apparently, this is the only collection of three adjacent supertalls anywhere in the world.

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