A F40 with radio?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. A F40 with stereo?

    Notice the small antenna on the roof.
  2. A F40 with stereo?

    not stereo but mobile phone
  3. There are a lot of F40 fitted with custom audio solutions . But in this case it looks like a Mobile antenna indeed.
  4. Could someone ignore the stupid antenna and acknowledge the sheer awesomeness of that car?
  5. Me. Such a sexy ass beast.
  6. You know, when I saw the picture all I thought was "Damn. Damn... The F40 is beautiful." I personally think the F40 is the Supercar I'd want to own more than any of the others that are out there. It's just so damn iconic and awesome.
  7. Wait wait wait. Its black! Rare!
  8. never saw a black one.. even in black it remain my favourite car
  9. "even?" i think it looks better in black IMO
  10. I cant see the problem with installing a radio in any supercar, you are not driving at 9/10th at all times so 'the sweet engine noise' will be a quiet rumble.

    The only reason why car companies do this (notably Ferrari) is pure marketing, nothing else. Also, if you say its weight reduction you are just as bad as people who put carbon fibre mirrors on their civics.
  11. People who whine on weight forget that the MC12 has power windows
  12. true, a radio has no real significant wight. But things like air conditioning and electric everything can actually add up.
  13. no i still prefer it red, but other ferraris looks better in black than red (like f430)
  14. can they not engineer window motors down to weigh less than manual windows these days?
  15. aftermarket something
  16. Thank you.
  17. u seriious? with the actuators and everything? i doubt it, maybe im wrong though, id like to be wrong.

    well its not the radio that weighs alot, its the speakers. but i mean if u only have 2 or 3 speakers it shouldnt be that detrimental, maybe 15 lbs? but they wont be very good ones.
  18. Well, a few tiny high quality speakers would be light and sound just fine. Unless you're one of those freaks who spends thousands on a stereo system it'd be fine for listening to tunes.

    As for the power window thing. It would seem to be hard to make power weigh less than manual. But that too wouldn't be a huge weight gain. It's all the little stuff combined that adds up to "Holy crap how'd this car gain 200 pounds!" None of them in and of themselves would do much, but power everything, a stereo, and A/C and all that adds up to a notable weight.
  19. going to install something to play my iPod in my F40, have to tack to the installer

    Its not fun cruisin in town w no tunes
  20. could you please post pictures of the set up ? Where would you be mounting it ? I saw a japanese F40 with a center consolo extension once, will you do the same ?
  22. heres my F40 iPod install

    my installer puit the amp under the passenger seat

    and installed some HK home speakers near the rear side windows w velcro

    It sounds great and makes driving it around town a lot more fun

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