a fake 250 gto

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    call me a pussie but I LOVE NHRA Drag Racing!! Larry Dixon, Don Prudhomme, Tony "The Sarge" Schumacher, Darrell Russell, Shirley Muldowney, Connie Kalitta, Scott & Doug Kalitta, Kenny Bernstein-first one to 300MPH (301.70) Darrell Gwynn, Joe Amato, Gary Scelzi, Ron Capps, John Force, Whit Bazemore, Gary Densham, Del Worsham, Gordon Mineo, Angelle Savoie, Matt Hines, Darrell Aldermann, Troy Coughlin, V.Gaines, Warren "The Professor" Johnson, are some of my favorites & heroes in drag racing...

    I also love NASCAR,(LONG list of fave NASCAR drivers so I won't list them all here) IRL, CART, F1, CORR, BTC, (British Touring Championship) ALMS, Endurance Racing and Australian V8 Supercar racing..

    Racing is not for pussies...Golf is..LOL
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    um dude, you're wrong about the corvette. although it may have not been a stolen design, the original was inspired pretty hardcore by italian cars.
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    Oh my #$%#in god.. THANK YOU! I was beginning to worry that there was no one else in the world that thought no matter what type of racing it is, it takes talent and balls. Even if you dont need to handle as much in drag racing, its stull #$%#ing hard.
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    I don't get people who insult drag racing. An F1 driver took a sprint in a top fuel dragster and called it "The scariest experience of my life".
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    Funny, that "fake" GTO kicked the "real" one's ass.
    And, if were were merely a copy, why was it faster?

    Faster, with a lowly American V-8. Imagine that car being inferior, and just winning and winning, and winning........

    Euro-car snobs really are a bore!

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    wow you guys are agressive
    no the daytona was not a copy of a ferrari.
    it did beat everything it came up against...in its time.
    America makes good cars, true but not like they did back in the day.
    Europeans have just advanced sports cars more than America has.
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    Crap. You are talking absolute crap.

    None of the first Mk 1 (260) Cobras were Sting Ray Corvettes. All the Mk1 and Mk2 (289) Cobras were AC Aces with a 260 or 289 Ford V8. The Mk 3 (427) and Mk4 (302) Cobras are a reinforced Ace chassis with a modified body, noticeable by its larger wheel arches.

    And as far as the Cobra is concerned, Shelby never was a designer or engineer. Shelby's only involvement with the Cobra was to suggest to AC that they put a V8 in the Ace. AC did all the work and built the cars - in England, I should add. Calling them Shelby Cobras is incorrect - they are AC Cobras. Look at the website at:

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    This was a British car, not American. And STOP SHOUTING, you twat.
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    Wrong. All Cobras were built in the UK by AC.
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    Shelby didn't create it; AC did. This is getting very tiresome. Learn about the damn car, please.
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    Yes,perhaps. But this is a European car.
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    Yes, America makes some very good cars. But they didn't make this one.

    Please, make yourselves look more clever?

    Stop referring to the Cobra as a "Shelby" and an American car.

    The Cobra is a BRITISH car, designed and built by AC.
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    yeah, its not as pretty, it doesnt make 100hp/liter, but its faster.
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    You are right, but this is a very nice car. I got the opportunity to be right in front of it on Satruday.
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    Just wanted to state some facts. First of all, the Cobra is A/C's car, Shelby is a racer and a buisnessman, the car is all A/C's doing. Shelby became an importer of the A/C Cobra and put Ford 256 Cubic Inche V8s in them. Eventually, with the help of Ford designners, he was in 1966 (I think that is the year) able to strengthen the Cobra's frame and body to the point where it could reasonably handle the 427. Shelby, with help from Ford, did re-engineer the Cobra a bit, kinda like Saleen with their modded Ford Mustangs. HOWEVER, if it were not for Shelby, the Cobra would never of advanced beyond a inline BMC six cylinder and would have remained just another small displacement convertible, alot like the Austin Healy 3000MkIIs, Triumph TR3, Alfa Romeo Guitella Spyders, Lotus Sevens, etc.

    Second of all, the GT cars of the 60's all shared that same long front short hatchback like back. Look at a Jagaur Type E coupe or the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato. It's the same danm thing sytle wise except the back is a bit different. Though admittedly, the Cobra Daytona does have some strange similarites to the Ferrari GTO. Even the quad head lights share a scarry resembalence. Still, all the GT cars shared a highly similar body that consisted of a long hood with a short back as I stated before. Let me put it this way... both the Jaguar Type E 3.8 and the specially redesigned Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, which was specially redesigned by Zagato whom at the time built specially designed aluminum bodies for Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, could not keep up with the Ferrari GTO. The Cobra Daytona did. Didn't it finish 3rd overall and 1st in the GT class in 1964, correct me if I am wrong?
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    Racing back then was centered in europe so this is no surprise, but the Cobra Daytona car looks almost completely different from the A/C model. However, the Cobra has almost the exact same body as the A/C car, as well as chasis. The rest of the car was made by shelby. Suspension was one of the biggest changes, since the cobra was a race car, and the A/C car didnt have much of a race suspension.
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    I can see why most people would think that it is a fake GTO. The car does kind of resemble the GTO. However, the Shelby Daytona is a completely different car, and both of them are classics, and both of them are worth a lot of money today.
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    Wrong, ford decided to build their first supercar after attempting to buy ferrari and being rejected. Ford built the car because they were pissed off with ferrari. You have to thank ferrari for rejecting them otherwise we might never have seen the allmighty GT40.
  19. First off the Cobra is a Shelby. AC did not produce the Cobra. They produced the ace. Shelby took the ace and put the 260 V8 in it and called it the cobra. The only real involvment AC had in the cobra was the body. As time went on the car became no more than the body of the ace and everything else was replaced or redone with ford and shelby parts. That is the point where the cobra became succesful. With the GT40 the only completly american one was the MKIV. What most people don't realize is the the GT40 was not succesful until Shelby and his engineers got their hands on it. Ferrari and ford were deep into talks about purchasing and were about to close the deal when they found that Enzo wanted complete control over tbe racing program. They basically told him no and he backed out of talks. Also no corvettes were cobras. Shelby was trying to get chevy to be the engine supplier and not ford. Chevy turned him down because (get this) they didn't want competition for their corvette. Now as for the person that said drag racing is for pussies i would challenge you to have the balls to pilot a 7000 hp car down a track at over 300 mph in under 4 seconds. You gain very good skills from drag racing that have very practical uses in what you might call "real racing." Drag racing is not my favorite form of racing but it's a blast. And as someone said the cars the the GT class looked nearly the same anyway. It just happened that some were better in the case of the Daytona coupe.
  20. The Cobra Daytona Coupe was a Peter Brock original design. It bears some resemblance to a number of other cars because they're all variations on the long hood/short deck theme. Personally, I like the 250 GTO shape better, but the Daytona Coupe is not without its charm.
  21. I heard Carrol Shelby speaking at the Ford Centennial in 2003 and he said that Chevy's Racing department had shipped a couple of Corvette's to him but General Motors then decided to withdraw from all motorsports and the Chevy racing people then said they didn't know anything about those Corvettes. Shelby then went to Ford and the rest is history. Ol' Shel also said that the number "250" in the name of the original SHelby Mustang GT250 was decided when Shelby told Phil Remington (Ford Racing honcho at the time) to pace off the distance between two buildings, and the distance was 250 paces. Also heard at the Ford Centennial.
  22. OK Cobra fans. The original Cobra's body and chassis were built in England and then shipped to California where Shelby-American installed the 260 cubic inch Ford engine and Borg-Warner 4-speed transmissions. When Ford upgraded the 260 to 289 cubic inches that engine was put in the Cobra. In 1963 the Cobra Daytona Coupe is designed with the high speed European circuits in mind. The roadsters are great on shorter tracks but the races at LeMans, Monza, Spa and the Nurburgring all feature long high-speed straights. The new coupe is first raced at the Daytona Continental (predecesor to the 24 hour race now held) and sets the fastest lap of the race but DNF's.

    In 1964 the Daytona coupes and roadsters are considered the same models (same chassis and engine with a modified body) by the FIA. With the Cobra's hot on Ferrari's tail near the end of the 1964 season, Enzo Ferarri convinced the promoters of the last FIA sports car race that season at Monza to cancel the event guaranteeing Ferari the GT championship for the year. But in 1965 Cobra's took the GT World Championship when Ferarri decided not to compete in the GT class for the first time.
  23. Ford had an agreement in principal to buy Ferarri but when Ford refused to allow Enzo to retain control over the racing areas, he killed the deal. Ford then decided to race against Ferarri in Europe and started the design of the Ford GT. In 1964 all the original GT's DNF'd. In 1965 there were two types of GT's, the originals with modified bodies and two 427 cubic inch long nose versions (with fins too). They also DNF'd.

    But in 1966 three seven liter engined Ford GT40 Mk II's swept the top three places overall at LeMans. Ford tried to manufacture a dead heat for the top two cars but the LeMans officials declared the car that had started further back on the grid as the winner denying Ken Miles and Dennis Hulme the win they deserved. Miles was killed testing the Ford J-car prototype that winter.

    In 1967 Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt won in the seven liter Ford GT Mk IV, which was the American designed and built successor to the Mk II. Foyt and Gurney were supposed to be the "rabbit" car and sprint out ot a quick lead but the car never faltered and they set a record for distance and also took the efficiency award which usually was won by one of the lower displacement cars (under 2 liters). An interesting event took place after qualifying when Ford protested the pole winning car, one of the year old GT40 Mk II's entered by another team. They didn't want the Mk IV's to be upstaged.

    Ford withdrew as a factory team when the five liter engine limits were announced for 1968. John Wyer however took a couple of mk I chassis and modified them and won the next two years with the same car (Chassis 1075). Pedro Rodriguez and Lucien Bianchi won in 1968 and Jackie Ickx (his first LeMans win of six total) and Jackie Oliver won in 1969.
  24. Ok... where to start?

    The british car company AC produced their car the AC ace, which was a low power lightweight sports car. -Completely British

    Then, the American tuning company stuck a large v8 in the bonnet and renamed it the "Shelby Cobra" although it was still essentially an AC ace. -2/3 british

    Then, Carrol Shelby took the "Cobra" and changed the body to make a "Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe" racecar, which is an AC Ace chassis with an even more powerful cobra engine and a new body -1/3 british


    Shelby is a tuning company and is not FORD!

    It is not a copy of the GTO it is similar in shape, yet many cars are similar in shape and if you compare it to the AC ace you can see its just an advanced version of that.

    Drag racing is hard, but not as intresting as normal racing.

    The Dodge Viper has pretty apauling handling from what I've heard...

    Goud has spoken///
  25. You all forgot to mention the fact that every part of the suspension on the AC was modified by shelby before he could put the V8 in. Then he actually reengineered the frame and added more functional aero. By the time he finally stopped production on the Cobra only a few body lines were original.

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