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  1. Hopefully this will straighten a few things out.

    Yes, in a number of races, the Daytona Coupes beat the Ferrari 250 GTO. However, Daytona 1964 was not a cak walk. Both the leading Cobra Coupe and second-placed 250 GTO finished 311 laps that year. Also, though the Daytona Coupe won in GT, and came fourth overall, at Daytona and Le Mans in 1964, Shelby did not win the championship that year (the Ferrari GTO did); Shelby won the title the following year (1965). That is the ONLY FIA GT Championship title that has gone to an American manufacturer/car, and was also the last such title won by a front-engined car. Also, though the Daytona Coupe won the 1965 GT title, it was squarely beaten at Le Mans. The 4.7-litre car came 3rd in GT (8th overall) to a 3.3-litre Ferrari 275 GTB (3rd overall) and a 2.0-litre Porsche 904 GTS/4 (5th overall).

    It looks like some of you have incorrect information in regards to top speeds on the European opposition. A Ferrari 250 GTO road car has a top speed of 175mph with 300hp (and weighs the same as the Daytona Coupe at 2300lbs). The Ferrari 330 LMB (a 4.0-litre GTO) has very similar frontal area to the 250 GTO, but with 400hp, and thus should have a top speed in excess of 200mph (weighs only 2100lbs). The competition version of the 275 GTB has 300hp, and with a road-going top speed of 160mph with 250hp, the racer should top out around 190mph (2175lbs). The Porsche 904 GTS/4 only had 180hp, but topped out at at least 160mph, and with its weight (1410lbs), handled beautifully. The Aston Martin DP212 gave at least 174mph from 315-330hp (2150lbs). Stats on the DP214 are a bit hard to come by, but horsepower is about the same, and I should think they eeked a bit more top end out of it than the 212. The Lister-Jaguar Costin GT gave 300+hp, and with its slippery coupe body, would have been good for 185+mph (not sure on exact weight); it didn't race much though, so it wasn't as reliable as might have been hoped.

    When cars are listed under manufacturer, except for the King Cobras and Super Snakes, all the Cobras are listed under AC. On the Latest "Victory by Design", de Cadenet said Cobras were built both in the UK and at the Shelby shop (ex-Scarab shop) in SoCal.

    Since drag racing was brought up, I'll comment. I don't really watch it; it just doesn't grab me like circuit racing or rallying does. Also, and I'll let you guys take this up with the man who said it, Bobby Rahal has said that, "Anyone can drive fast in a straight line."

    Finally, there certainly are some ill-handling American high performance cars. The Dodge Viper isn't that great in turns (at least in road-going trim). The AC Cobra 427 is a beast, even in a straight line. Anything more than a Boss 302 Mustang didn't handle very well. Most of the muscle cars just didn't handle well in relative terms because of their weight. A lot of the serious American machinery, even the newer stuff, tneds toward understeer, unless you're using plenty of brakes and power oversteer.

    What I'd really love to see is a properly done recreation of the Maserati 450S Costin Coupe go up against and AC Cobra 289 Daytona Coupe. (When the original Maserati coupe was built, it was rushed, so much of Costin's design wasn't carried well out well, if at all.) I think it would be pretty close with the Mawerati's 4.5-litre V8 giving 430hp and 360ft-lbs of torque against the Daytona Coupe's 380hp and 340ft-lbs of torque. The real question would be, how heavy a well-conceived Maserati coupe would be. The original was 2800lbs, while the spyder version of the 450S was only 1740lbs. Even wilder would be a match-up between a 427 Cobra Daytona Coupe and Maserati 450S #4508. I don't know the torque figures, but both machines would have a top speed around 215mph: the Daytona with its 485hp, 7.0-litre V8 against the spyder Maserati and its 526hp, 5.7-litre V8.
  2. good work.

    this car is a nice car, but people just don't know about/respect it as much as the GTO.

    i know about this car only cos i know a lot about cars. your average person knows what the Ferrari GTO is so in the end the GTO came out on top as a more famous, desirable car.
  3. If you rage, vent, and call people names like "asshole," "pussy," and "#%!@," you have degraded yourself to the level of a keyboard crusader, one of those people who act tough online while hiding behind the anonymity of a username. Also, if you type in CAPS, no one will read your comment. The point of CAPS is to emphasize that part of your post is especially important. If you put the whole thing in CAPS, it's like highlighting every word in a book. Just something to think about...
  4. Gorgeous beyond words.
  5. its not American... its a British car with an Shelby engine...

    look up the Ac Ace Cobra...

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